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B2BTechX Event in Pune Ignites Collaborative Innovation for SMB Advancement


TechnologyCounter, a leading tech recommendation platform, orchestrated the highly successful B2BTechX event on November 24, 2023, at Novotel Pune. This pioneering initiative was a testament to fostering a collaborative ecosystem for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) in Pune. The brainchild behind this event,  Husain Kachwala, CEO of TechnologyCounter, envisioned building a thriving community in Pune, and the dedicated teams involved were instrumental in making the event a resounding success.

The B2BTechX event brought together industry leaders, experts, and professionals to deliberate on key trends, strategies, and empowerment initiatives aimed at bolstering SMB growth.

In his Keynote Address Akash Sureka highlighted that :

  • The SMB sector is projected to grow to $330 billion USD in the next decade, a substantial increase from the current $220 billion USD.
  • SMBs are actively seeking customizable software solutions to adapt to rapidly changing needs.

Omnichannel Engagement Panel discussion was led by Amish Keshwani featuring Shikha Pakhide, Suraj Shetty, and Praful Dandgawal. The panelist discussed the following:

  • Emphasis on the entire customer journey, from sale to support.
  • Success in using multiple channels is contingent on strategic alignment rather than mere utilization.

Empowerment Strategies Panel discussion was led by Dhruv Sharma featuring Reetu Raina, Nirzari Sen, and Sanjay Ghare. The panelist discussed the following:

  • The shift from a role-based model to a skills-based model in companies.
  • Acknowledgment of the importance of both work and engagement.

Digital Synergies Panel discussion was led by Pranjalee Thanekar Lahri featuring Ayush Jain, Avinash Iyer, and Setu Shah. The panelist discussed the following:

  • Emphasis on alignment among various teams, including sales, marketing, and product development, for company advancement.
  • Continuous use of diverse channels to remain top-of-mind for customers.

Finance for SMBs Panel discussion was led by CA Vaishali Kharde featuring Richa Shah, Partha Hor, and Dayesh Angle. The panelist discussed the following:

  • Importance of budgeting, working capital management, cash flow management, financial reporting, and compliance for SMBs.
  • Stress on the significance of reviewing monthly financial numbers and taking corrective actions based on planned vs. actuals.
  • Panel discussion led by CA Vaishali Kharde featuring Richa Shah, Partha Hor, and Dayesh Angle.

“The event highlighted the dynamic landscape of technology and its role in propelling SMBs to new heights.” – Imtiaz Memon, founder of Eway Print, Ewayprint App, World’s 1st free online printing service.

Dr.Prakash Sharma, founder,  Mission P Combinator Head & World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF) – International Partner said that “These events help in educating, networking and builds esprit de corps in the community”.

“Incredible insights shared on the importance of cross-departmental alignment for business success.” – Panelist, Digital Synergies

The B2BTechX event has laid the foundation for ongoing collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and innovation within the SMB community in Pune. Attendees are encouraged to leverage the insights gained and apply them to propel their businesses forward.

Special Gratitude to Event Sponsors: The success of the event was amplified by the generous support and collaboration of sponsors, WoCo- Work Companion, Demand Genesys, and Axis Bank, who added a beautiful touch to the day.

Acknowledgments: TechnologyCounter extends gratitude to events partners and the amazing audience. This event wouldn’t have been achievable without your invaluable support.

Event and Media Partners: eChai Ventures, Bolstart, Maharashtra State Innovation Society, Ideas To Impacts, TiE Pune, Next Level Startup Network, GNR Solution Pvt Ltd, CleverKites, GCCStartup.News, Startup Berita, The Desi Buzz.

Dr.Tausif Malik, founder, editor and publisher of GCC Startup News,, The Desi Buzz said that “ We support these kinds of events to help entrepreneurship and promote business and networking. We congratulate the team for organizing this event.”

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