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Burj Khalifa lights up with Bangladeshi flag celebrating 52nd Independence Day


On Monday March 26th, Burj Khalifa, World’s the tallest lighted up in Bangladesh’s flag and colors of red and green on the occasion of Independence day of Bangladesh. Also, the Bangladeshi flag were illuminated on a number of UAE landmarks, including the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the ADNOC headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

The UAE showed and displayed their friendship – displaying the Bangladeshi flag on the Burj Khalifa façade while the anthem played. It has become one of the viral clip on shared clips on social media platforms.

The Bangladeshi Embassy in Abu Dhabi celebrated the event starting in the morning with the national anthem and flag hoisting at the embassy, Mohammad Abu Zafar, Bangladeshi Ambassador to the UAE, encouraged attendees to continue working for the development of the nation.

The Ambassador said at the event “Since our independence, Bangladesh has established itself as a nation of advancement. If we want to maintain this journey of advancement, we must all work all focus on what benefit we can each bring to our communities. This will also inspire others to do good,”

Mohammad Abu Zafar, Bangladeshi informed about the Smart Bangladeshi Vision 2041, an inclusive national plan that aims to deliver sustainable digital solutions to all.

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