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Dog Trainer Mudge Ali Receives Yorkshire Prestige Award


Mudge Ali, master trainer and founder of Big Dog Fellas, located at Regina Mills on Laurel Street, off Leeds Road, was honored with the prestigious Yorkshire Prestige Award for Dog Trainer of the Year. The ceremony, held at Castle Hazlewood Hotel in Tadcaster, recognized Mr. Ali’s exceptional skills and dedication to canine training.

Expressing his gratitude, Mr. Ali remarked, “With hundreds of dog trainers from across the region, to be voted number one is a huge achievement.” He proudly mentioned that his company is the first in Bradford to win this esteemed award, out of hundreds of entries.

In addition to this accolade, Big Dog Fellas has also been recognized by ThreeBest Rated as a top dog trainer in Bradford. Mr. Ali attributes part of his business’s success to the engaging and informative dog training videos he shares on social media platforms like TikTok and Facebook, which have garnered over 100,000 followers in just seven months.

Commenting on his approach to training, Mr. Ali said, “I like to make it fun and entertaining. That’s why I get the opinions. The key is just to be myself.” Big Dog Fellas specializes in addressing unwanted behaviors in dogs, including reactivity and aggression, as well as anxiety and stress-related issues.

Despite being in operation for just over a year, the business has gained widespread recognition, attracting customers from out of town. Looking ahead, Mr. Ali’s goal is to further expand and grow the business, catering to the needs of all dogs, regardless of size, age, or breed.

Reflecting on the name choice for his business, Mr. Ali explained, “I chose the name simply because I like dogs, but it seems to have just taken off.” While the name suggests a focus on big dogs, Mr. Ali emphasizes that they welcome and train all dogs, emphasizing their commitment to providing comprehensive training services to the entire canine community.

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