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Dubai’s Rising Badminton Star: Taabia Khan Claims Second Spot on BWF Junior World Rankings


In the bustling heart of Dubai, the world of badminton is witnessing the meteoric rise of a young prodigy. Taabia Khan, a determined athlete at the age of 17, has achieved an extraordinary milestone by securing the second spot in mixed doubles on the BWF Junior World Rankings. Taabia’s journey from a family background steeped in cricket to becoming a badminton sensation is a testament to her passion, relentless hard work, and the unwavering support of her family.

Taabia’s father, Omer Khan, arrived in the UAE over two decades ago, finding solace in cricket as he forged a new life. A former national-level cricketer in India, Omer’s skills led him to a career in the shipping industry. While cricket ran in the family’s veins, it was Taabia who emerged as the torchbearer for a new sporting legacy.

Initially groomed to follow in her father’s cricketing footsteps, Taabia’s interest took an unexpected turn when she observed her mother engaging in badminton for leisure. Captivated by the racquet sport, she shifted her focus and never looked back. Eight years later, Taabia has not only embraced badminton but has excelled on the international stage.

Taabia’s journey to the world number two spot includes clinching three consecutive international titles in Uganda, Spain, and Cyprus. Reflecting on her success, Taabia acknowledges the relentless hard work invested since the beginning. A Grade 12 student at the Indian Academy School in Dubai, she spends seven hours a day refining her skills at the Battledore Sports Academy under the guidance of head coach Alfaz Kalam.

The UAE Badminton Federation’s decision to permit expats to represent the country in international events opened doors for Taabia. This opportunity allowed her to participate in the senior Asian championships, gaining exposure and competing against some of the world’s top players.

Taabia’s father, Omer, is an unwavering supporter of his daughter’s badminton aspirations. The family’s commitment is evident as they prioritize international badminton tournaments over vacations. Omer envisions a future where Taabia, alongside her younger sister Mysha Omer Khan, attains the coveted world number one ranking in the seniors category.

Taabia Khan’s ascent from a cricketing family to the world number two in badminton is a testament to her dedication, innate talent, and the profound fulfillment that comes with pursuing one’s passion. As she continues to make significant strides in the badminton world, Taabia’s story stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring athletes, reminding them that the journey to success often takes unexpected turns but is undeniably rewarding.

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