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Engaging the British-Bangladeshi Community for Bangladesh’s Progress: A Momentous Dialogue in London”


In a significant effort to foster greater integration and collaboration with the British-Bangladeshi community, a momentous dialogue was held in London on Thursday. The event, hosted at Redbridge Central Library, aimed to strengthen ties and discuss ways to contribute to Bangladesh’s progress. Prime Minister’s economic affairs advisor, Dr. Moshiur Rahman, graced the occasion as the chief guest, lending prominence to the gathering.

The dialogue was chaired by Councillor Saima Ahmed of Ilford Town and the Redbridge Labour Group, and it saw the active participation of prominent figures and professionals from the British society, showcasing the event’s importance.

Barrister Prashanta Bhushan Barua, the director of the Centre for Bangladesh Studies, delivered the welcoming speech, setting the stage for an engaging and thought-provoking conversation. Notably, the event witnessed active involvement from second and third-generation students of Bangladeshi origin in the UK, sharing their perspectives on Bangladesh’s development.

Dr. Moshiur Rahman, in his address, stressed the paramount importance of such dialogues and exchanges with policymakers from the diaspora community and expatriate Bangladeshis. He lauded the expatriate-friendly policies of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and highlighted the significant progress made by Bangladesh under her leadership. Dr. Rahman expressed deep appreciation for the historical contributions of the British-Bangladeshi community across diverse domains, despite facing various challenges.

The economic affairs advisor believed that harnessing the skills, expertise, and pragmatic demands of the expatriate community could serve as a catalyst in accelerating Bangladesh’s development journey. By actively involving the British-Bangladeshi youth through investment, education-research initiatives, and cultural exchanges, the government aims to foster integration, especially with the younger generation, ensuring a brighter and more prosperous future for both nations.

The event provided a platform for open discussions and thought-sharing, allowing young British-Bangladeshis to voice their perspectives on Bangladesh and contribute to the development discourse. The exchange of ideas between policymakers and the diaspora community proved to be a vital step in strengthening ties and fostering mutual understanding.

Prime Minister’s economic affairs advisor, Dr. Moshiur Rahman’s presence at the dialogue signified the government’s commitment to embracing the British-Bangladeshi community as essential partners in Bangladesh’s progress. The event concluded with a collective resolve to build a conducive environment that encourages active participation and collaboration with the younger generation, ensuring a lasting bond between Bangladesh and its expatriate community in the UK.

The dialogue’s impact is expected to resonate beyond borders, nurturing a deeper sense of belonging and mutual growth for both Bangladesh and the British-Bangladeshi community. As the nation marches forward, the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders are seen as crucial in achieving even greater strides in Bangladesh’s journey of progress and prosperity.

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