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Exclusive: Interview with author Talha Sareswala

The Desi Buzz Editor & Publisher Dr.Tausif Malik spoke with Entrepreneur, Community leader, Mentor & now Author Mr.Talha Sareswala about his recently published book Breakeven Point.

What is Breakeven Point?

Talha Sareswala: Breakeven-point is my way to sharing my experiences of 30 years of the entrepreneurial journey. The 30 years since I started my career as a humble entrepreneur. A journey, full of excitement, experiences, rewards, and learnings

An Ability to sustain to achieve long-term financial goals with a passion and be a visionary, to be the “best in the manner in which you operate, best in the products you deliver, and best in our value system and ethics.

This book non-fiction will take you on a journey of entrepreneurship. Besides compulsive reading, it will be a guide for aspiring and ignited minds who wish to start a business and make a difference. It would offer its readers ideas and suggestions to take baby steps in the world of business and to stay determined and focused to grow business smartly. 

What triggered to write this book?

Talha Sareswala: For this I will be eternally grateful to the legacy of my extended family right from my Grandfather for inspiring me and inculcating the habit of sharing and caring. And the entire family being avid readers, I thought of sharing my knowledge through this Book Breakeven Point.

I always wanted to share my experiences of entrepreneurial journey in whatever way I could, so I did webinars during a pandemic and a few lectures, during those Q&A sessions I REALLY FELT people have a thirst to be self-employed but are ignorant about the process and the way to start. Here I am talking about Micro and Small business entrepreneurs. This is the segment that needs hand-holding and the correct path to be self-employed. What is MSME, WHAT ARE government policies, incentives etc. That’s the reason, I thought of sharing my experience as an entrepreneur through this book. A book that can act as a catalyst for young to be self-employed, while ensuring them that ethics and principles do pay in business when followed in true spirit and action. The book would also throw light on many crucial business aspects so that it becomes useful in all senses, I would consider my endeavour worth all its efforts if it ignites just one mind and inspires it to follow ethical business practices and make our country proud. 

What was your research plan and way forward to write this book?

Talha Sareswala: I have taken an unusual approach in writing this book, all information has been sourced and compiled from the Internet, and social media, attending various conferences, networking, and webinars along with my own thoughts, ideas, experiences, and writing abilities. Have very thoughtfully chosen the topics of crucial business aspects, so that it becomes useful in all senses, such as the Importance of:

1. Business strategy for Entrepreneurs
2. Leadership
3. Family Business
4. MSME: Understanding of MSME, and its Benefits
5. Growing Business in an Interest-free environment
6. Corporate Governance and last but not the least
7. Women Empowerment: Business Women

Who are the target audience?

Talha Sareswala: My First and foremost Target is the SELF-EMPLOYED ENTREPRENEURS AND ALSO FOUNDERS OF a GROWING COMMUNITY OF START-UPS. This book can introduce its readers to psychological business concepts to make them better leaders, personal anecdotes to avoid repeating mistakes, or self-help tips to improve their productivity. As you read BREAKEVEN-POINT; they will discover more ideas and strategies that can apply to their career. This book will offer them a different perspective and ‘lessons learned’ from real-life situations, brimming with well-matched case studies that bring how-to’s to life. they’ll collect actionable techniques they can use right away in their business.

I’m really excited to share my Book with the MANAGEMENT STUDENTS of various Universities. I wish that these students are exposed to the journey of entrepreneurship and they too understand the nuances of entrepreneurship and Business and have their feedback and experience reading the book.

I’m really honored to share my Book with the CORPORATE WORLD too. With all humility, I wish that they contribute their feedback/review and experience reading the book. Their thoughts as a small note sharing opinions on the subject would be a big plus. The aim is to create a bank of diverse inputs, which further enhances the subject’s relevance that would help me update my knowledge and share which becomes more interesting for readers to take advantage of.

What’s the response you have received in this short time?

Talha Sareswala: Alhumdullilah, I am grateful to God for Receiving very good feedback and reviews for my book from various & diverse quarters. Writers/Journalist, Celebrities from Art & Sports fraternity, and Influencers from the corporate world.

One of the young entrepreneurs has nicely summarised his views– “Author has done a wonderful job in summarizing the basic challenges, skills, resources, and financial knowledge required to start and run a small business in India. It is an easy read!”

But the best came from an intern who created 9 slides of PowerPoint presentation. I can say it has been reviewed and that too in minute details by the young intern.
The conclusion of his slide is below:

BREAKEVEN-POINT is available at

1) Notion Press. Publishers

2) Flipkart

3) Amazon India

4) Amazon International 

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