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Exit Polls Results 2024: BJP-Led NDA Poised for Strong Victory


Exit Polls Results 2024: BJP-Led NDA Poised for Strong Victory. As the marathon Lok Sabha elections of 2024 come to a close. A majority of exit polls are predicting a significant victory for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA). Their projections of over 350 seats for the NDA.

A Strong Showing for BJP-Led NDA

According to the Poll of Exit Polls 2024, conducted by various agencies, a resounding victory for the BJP-led NDA is on the horizon. A big win for the ruling BJP-led NDA has been predicted by twelve exit polls. – India Today- Axis My India (361-401), News 24-Today’s Chanakya (400), ABP News-C Voter (353-383), Republic Bharat- P Marq (359), India News- D-Dyanamics (371). Republic Bharat- Matrize (353-368), Dainik Bhaskar (281-350), News Nation (342-378), TV 9 Bharatvarsh- Polstrat (342), Times Now-ETG (358), India TV- CNX (362-392) and Jan Ki Baat (362-392).

Regional Trends and Predictions

Exit polls have also shed light on regional trends. In states like Karnataka and Maharashtra, NDA dominance is anticipated. Conversely, a significant setback is expected for the Left-led alliance in Kerala. In West Bengal, where political dynamics are often volatile, the exit polls suggest an improved performance for the BJP compared to previous elections. The exit polls potentially making BJP the single-largest party in the state in terms of Lok Sabha seats.

Accuracy of Exit Polls

While exit polls provide insights into voter sentiment, it’s important to note that they are not infallible indicators of final results. Variations between exit poll predictions and actual outcomes are not uncommon.

Expectations for BJP and Opposition

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP are widely anticipated to secure a third consecutive term in power. The Congress, facing challenges from electoral losses and defections, is part of the Opposition bloc challenging the BJP’s dominance.

Targets and Aspirations

In the previous 2019 elections, the BJP secured 303 seats, with the NDA coalition tallying up to 352. This time, the BJP has set its sights on surpassing the 370-seat mark, with hopes of even reaching beyond 400 with support from its allies. With 543 seats in the Lower House of Parliament, the majority mark stands at 272.

Awaiting Election Day Results

The nation awaits the official announcement of election results, scheduled for Tuesday. While exit polls point towards a strong showing for the BJP-led NDA. The final verdict will be delivered by the electorate as ballots are counted and winners declared.

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