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First Desi & Muslim Blind Police Accountant Becomes MBE

Saima ‘Truly Humbled’ to Be Awarded MBE for Policing


First Desi & Muslim Blind Police Accountant Becomes MBE. Saima ‘Truly Humbled’ to Be Awarded MBE for Policing. Following the announcement of the King’s Birthday Honours, Merseyside Police delighted to confirm that senior finance auditor, Saima Ashraf, has been awarded the MBE (Member of the British Empire). Additionally, retired Detective Superintendent Dave McCaughrean has been awarded the KPM (King’s Police Medal).

Inspiration and Role Model

Saima joined the force 12 years ago and has since become a huge inspiration and role model, especially for people who are visually impaired. Chief Constable Serena Kennedy praised her, saying, “Saima is an amazing woman and a real role model, not just for people who are visually impaired, but for anyone who faces adversity in their lives.”

Overcoming Challenges

Despite losing her sight as a child, Saima has never let that hinder her achievements. In March 2013, she became the first registered blind Chartered Public Accountant, a testament to her hard work and determination. Chief Constable Kennedy added, “Saima is an exceptional person who finds solutions when faced with challenges, inspiring others through her personal experiences.”

Community Engagement and Recognition

In 2021, Saima was awarded Employee of the Year following widespread recognition of her professionalism and positive attitude. She is also deeply involved in community work, providing reassurance and inspiration to those who are less confident. To build her own confidence, she joined a local radio station and in 2020, she started a solo weekly current affairs program, interviewing inspirational figures such as Fayyaz Afzal, the first blind Asian Judge.

Humbled by the Honor

Upon receiving the news of her MBE, Saima expressed her gratitude, stating, “I am extremely honoured and humbled to receive an MBE for my services to policing. I was overwhelmed to find out how well regarded I am at Merseyside and how my contributions have been appreciated.” She dedicated the award to her late sister, Misbah Ashraf, who had been a significant support in her career.

Dave McCaughrean: Celebrating a Distinguished Career

Also nominated in the King’s Birthday Honours is retired Detective Superintendent Dave McCaughrean. He retired last year after 34 years of dedicated service in policing. Chief Constable Kennedy remarked, “Dave dedicated his working life to policing, starting with the Metropolitan Police before transferring to Merseyside Police.”

Contributions to the Superintendents’ Association

Dave received his award for his work as a member and Chair of the Superintendents’ Association. He played an integral role in the association’s committee, working closely with senior officials and providing professional challenge and support. Chief Constable Kennedy noted, “He was always available, whether on or off duty, to provide strong counsel and support the wellbeing of colleagues in need.”

Legacy of Service

Dave’s pride in his role as a police officer was evident throughout his career. He was a fantastic ambassador for Merseyside Police, highlighting the force’s work regionally, nationally, and internationally. His KPM award serves as a reminder of his crucial contributions to the police service and his unwavering dedication to his colleagues.

The King’s Birthday Honours have recognized the exceptional service and dedication of both Saima Ashraf and Dave McCaughrean. Their contributions to policing and their communities serve as an inspiration to all, demonstrating the impact of perseverance, professionalism, and commitment.

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