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Gaurav Gupta debuts at Paris Haute Couture Week

Paris, France

After launching his career two decades, Gaurav Gupta debuted at Paris Haute Couture Week with his collection Shunya; a collection at the Paris Haute Couture week in partnership with FHCM.

Shunya is a Sanskrit word that translates as zero. Zero was discovered in India many centuries ago. The stillness of zero and infinity expanded possibilities in studies of space and time.

For his first showcase on the official calendar at Paris Haute Couture Week, Gaurav delved deeper into his mindscape to come up with a concept that is subliminal in thought and original in form.

The shunya collection explores the movement possibilities between zero and infinity with tangents of mythology, fantasy, and surrealism.

Frozen strokes of dancing wind in infinite forms are sculpted in gold and silver handwoven tissue – the set of twin dresses in silver are an embodiment of this.

Exploring sculptural draping forms in indigo electric blue in satins, chiffons, and organzas represents a sense of futurism.

There are elemental dresses in black and nude strategically revealing the form in its pristine state. Meteoric light embroideries emulate melting lava or deep waves of a very dark ocean. There is also a garbage-like dress with abstract entangled wires as embroideries.

There is a snake dress slithering and intertwining all through the body. The snakes, inspired by the kundalini, softly meander on the body in hand-embroidered waves.

Their form is made luminous with black and purple rainbow and blue iridescent glass beads. There are goth dresses in black leather-like jerseys and an acid trip neon yellow. There is also a silver and yellow kundalini snake dress.

The last segment of the collection is in stark gold and black. Gaurav said “I am constantly fascinated with ancient Egyptian civilizations, explorations on time, and metaphysics. There are pyramid nails sewn into detailed directional embroideries.
This is a handwoven, handcrafted story of form to infinity”.

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