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Kabir Bedi Honored with Italy’s Top Civilian Award, Order of Merit


Veteran actor Kabir Bedi was awarded the esteemed Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (Merito della Repubblica Italiana), the highest civilian accolade in Italy. The recognition underscores Bedi’s significant role in fostering cultural connections between Italy and India.

Following the award presentation, the festivities continued with a special live musical performance by Niccolo Fabi, adding a harmonious touch to the celebratory atmosphere.

Expressing his emotional connection to the award, Bedi remarked, “Being presented the Order of Merit, Italy’s highest honor, is the fulfillment of my life’s work in Italy. It’s even higher than Cavaliere (Knight), which they made me twelve years ago.”

Bedi, also a model, has aspirations beyond his acting career. A desire to be a surgeon and a dedication to serving as a role model for women has been a consistent theme in his life. He is notably the first Indian woman in the history of her medical school to be elected class president.

Reflecting on his journey, Bedi acknowledged the support he received from Italy and its people. In a heartwarming speech, he expressed gratitude to his wife, children, and grandchildren for their unwavering support and joy they bring into his life.

Alessandro De Masi, the Consul General of Italy, delivered the words of President Mattarealla of Italy, recognizing Bedi’s extraordinary contribution to Italy over the last 30 years. The scroll of honor, signed by President Mattarella and Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, solidified Bedi’s place in Italian culture and relations.

Ambassador to Italy, Vicenzo De Luca, emphasized Bedi’s role as a sincere friend and a promoter of Italy’s cultural richness. Describing Bedi as feeling “an Italian in India and an Indian in Italy,” De Luca underscored the deep connection that earned Bedi the prestigious Order of Merit.

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