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Kuwait: Payment of Phone Bills Required Before Departure for Expatriates


In a recent development, the Ministry of Communications has announced an accord with the Interior Ministry to implement a bill collection mechanism for expatriates before they can exit the country. The authorities are urging expats to adhere to the newly introduced arrangements.

Ahmad Al-Mejren, the Acting Undersecretary of the Communications Ministry, revealed that this measure will come into effect within a matter of days. The payment process can be facilitated through various channels, including the Sahel application, the official ministry webpage (, any telephone exchange office, or the ministry’s designated office at the airport, as reported by Kuwait Times.

This policy mandates the payment of bills for various services as a prerequisite for expatriates to leave the country. While traffic fines have already been included under this regulation, the compulsion to settle electricity and water bills will be enforced starting from September 1.

Notably, nearly all bills can be conveniently settled at the airport, with the exception of specific traffic violations like speeding and unauthorized use of parking spaces designated for disabled individuals, which must be paid at designated traffic offices.

These measures aim to streamline financial obligations and ensure compliance with the newly established requirements for expats departing the country.

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