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Launch of Setara Rice in East London

Promise to refund money if rice is not of good quality


Setara Rice was launched at the London Bangla Press Club Hall in East London on March 16th, 2023. At the launch Sajid Manzoor, director of Setara, said at the press conference in London “Keeping in mind that people can buy quality rice within their budget, ‘Setara’ has brought a variety of varieties of rice in the market, Setara Xta Long Pure Basmati, that Setara has never compromised on quality. Always put customers first”.

Abdul Rehman Kamra, director of operations of the organization, said that ‘Setara’ started its journey in 2014 with the slogan ‘Good food every day’. Rice is our daily food. They are providing quality rice in that daily meal.

At the beginning of the launch of Setara Rice, Media Advisor Journalist Hefazul Karim Raqib said – Setara Xta Long Pure Basmati Rich Tea has been brought to the market for the community of Bangladeshis. So that the Bangladeshi community can buy quality rice of their own purchasing power.

Setara’s brand ambassador Nisat Khushbu said –  if Setara’s rice is not of good quality, he also confirmed that the money will be returned. 
He said – Setara rice is already available at Rahim Brothers, a large wholesaler. Very soon you will get quality Setara Xta Long Pure Basmati Rich in every store near you. 
They are a premium brand. If a consumer wants to eat good quality food, he must pay good price. Setara also has some products at special prices for budget conscious consumers. Setara has around 36 varieties of rice. Besides, there are 13 types of salt.

Director of Operations Abdul Rehman Kamra, Brand Ambassador Nisat Khushboo and Media Advisor Journalist Hefazul Karim Rakib were also present.

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