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New Gurdwara Sahib Opens in Leicester, UK, Delighting Sikh Community


Bringing joy to the Sikh community, a brand new gurdwara has recently welcomed its doors to up to 900 worshippers in Leicester. The impressive Gurdwara Sahib, worth £4.2 million, has been relocated from Meynell Road to a spacious 2.8-acre site in Hamilton, Leicester, to accommodate the growing number of devotees.

The trustees of the Ramgarhia Board Leicester took charge of the construction, securing a loan of £2.1 million to partially finance the magnificent edifice. With a commitment of £800,000 from their own funds, the remaining amount was generously donated by members of the Sikh community.

The newly unveiled gurdwara boasts various amenities, including Punjabi classrooms for children, two main prayer halls, a library, and a grand langar dining hall capable of accommodating 600 individuals. Currently, the car park is under construction and will eventually provide 150 parking spaces, along with coach parking and cycle racks.

Reflecting on the decision to move from the previous location, which served as a converted temple for 51 years, Inderjit Singh Panesar, the gurdwara’s president, stated, “The old gurdwara was a heavy vehicle garage that had been converted into a temple. For 51 years, we lived there, but with the congregation increasing, that place was not suitable because of the lack of space, facilities, and car park space — so we decided that we needed to move and we bought the land for the new site back in 2013,” as shared with the Leicester Mercury.

To cater to the diverse needs of the worshippers, the prayer halls are equipped with comfortable seating and lifts, ensuring accessibility for elderly individuals. Additionally, the new temple includes a dedicated creche facility to provide support and care for new mothers.

The inauguration of the Gurdwara Sahib in Leicester marks a significant milestone for the Sikh community, providing a spacious and modern place of worship that meets the growing demands of its devoted members.

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