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New committee members take charge of Rajasthan Kutumb of Victoria


Rajasthan’s rich, vibrant and colorful cultural ethos is known across the world. In Victoria, this is being carried forward by the Rajasthani Kutumb of Victoria (RAJKOV) since 2001. A new committee to manage its activities for 2023-24 has been appointed to help lead the community towards further growth and development.

The new committee members bring with them a wealth of experience in various fields as well as a strong understanding and connection to Rajasthani culture. They are committed to working together to foster a sense of unity, camaraderie, and inclusivity within the Kutumb. Their shared vision is to take the organization to new heights as a tribute to the founding members and establish itself as an important part of multicultural Victoria and Australia.

The RAJKOV is a tight-knit group of people who take great pride in their heritage and culture and are actively engaged in promoting their values and traditions through various social and cultural events. The new committee members recently elected are Ravi Sharma (President), Prashant Bhatnagar (Vice President), Sarvesh Prasad (Secretary), Shrilekha Jain (Treasurer), Kshama Agrawal (Head of Partnerships & Collaborations), Pooja Agrawal (Head of Community Engagement), Nikita Jain (Head of Next Generation Youth Engagement) and & Amit Sharma (Head of Technology Transformation).

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