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Pakistani Delivery Rider’s Act of Kindness Earns Recognition from UAE Ministry

Viral Video Showcases Waqas Sarwar's Spontaneous Good Deed on Busy Roundabout


In an inspiring display of altruism, Pakistani delivery rider Waqas Sarwar’s simple act of moving a road barrier from a busy roundabout has garnered widespread attention and admiration after a video capturing the moment went viral. The video clip captured Sarwar’s unhesitating response to an obstruction on the road, reflecting his commitment to road safety.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (Mohre) expressed its commendation for Sarwar’s thoughtful gesture on the microblogging platform X (Twitter). The ministry’s tweet highlighted the significance of Sarwar’s actions and announced that he was honored by His Excellency Khalil Al-Khoury, Undersecretary for Human Resources Affairs, who appreciated Sarwar’s “good step” in safeguarding fellow drivers.

The viral video portrays Sarwar lifting a white road barrier that had been dislodged by strong winds, causing it to obstruct the path of vehicles on a bustling roundabout. The determined delivery rider swiftly moved the barrier to a safer location, ensuring the unimpeded flow of traffic.

During his conversation with Mohre representatives, Sarwar expressed his surprise at becoming an unwitting internet sensation. He modestly stated that he wasn’t aware of being filmed at the time of his action and emphasized that he simply acted according to his instincts, aiming to prevent potential accidents. He recounted the moment when he spotted the roadblock while navigating the roundabout, describing how he parked his bike and proceeded to clear the roadway.

Sarwar’s genuine concern for the safety of others shone through as he stated, “First, I saved myself. What if there was another rider behind me who wouldn’t have noticed the obstruction — he would have had an accident.”

His following words echoed a sentiment of compassion and social responsibility, saying, “We are humans, and we are Muslims, so we must care for other people also.”

The unexpected fame arrived when, later that day while waiting for an order at a mall, Sarwar was recognized by a stranger who identified him from the viral video. Despite not having removed his helmet in the video, the observant stranger recognized Sarwar’s distinctive gait. Sarwar acknowledged his surprise at the swift circulation of the video, sharing that he discovered its viral status after 48 hours.

A resident of the UAE for 12 years, Sarwar conveyed his gratitude for the recognition he received. He valued the respect shown by people more than any material gifts he received. Sarwar recounted an encounter with a high-ranking officer who approached him, expressed appreciation, and presented him with a gift. Reflecting on the experience, Sarwar emphasized, “The gift is not important. What is important is the respect that people give you.”

Sarwar’s spontaneous act of kindness has transcended borders, proving that even the simplest gestures can have a profound impact, resonating with the shared values of empathy and caring for others.

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