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Revised Rules Enhance Finland’s Work Permit Process

A Boost for Employees and Employers


In a bid to streamline and expedite the work permit process, the Finnish government has introduced a series of rule revisions aimed at benefiting both employees and employers. These changes are poised to contribute significantly to addressing the country’s skill and labor shortages while bolstering the Finnish economy.

Employer Certification Program: Speeding Up Work Permit Processing

One of the key enhancements is the introduction of an Employer Certification Program, designed to accelerate the processing time for work permits. Under this program, Finnish employers have the opportunity to apply for certification, particularly beneficial when hiring foreign candidates in large numbers. This certification provides a significant advantage in expediting the processing of work permits and permanent residence permits (PR).

The initial employer certification is valid for a two-year period and can be extended for an additional three years, offering flexibility to employers seeking foreign talent.

Revised Employment Requirements: Ensuring Compliance

For non-certified employers, specific changes have been enacted to ensure compliance with employment requirements. These employers must now include the terms of employment within their work permit applications through the online Finland portal. Furthermore, these applications require a signature from a designated Finnish official, which can be either on the employee’s application or within a registered employer’s “Enter Finland” account.

Passport Validity Simplified

Another notable revision pertains to the validity of passports. International employees will no longer be required to validate their passports mandatorily. This means that employees can work for the entire duration of their work permits without the need for a valid passport, granting them increased flexibility in their employment arrangements.

New Graduate Work Permit: A Pathway for Finnish University Graduates

A significant milestone in these policy revisions is the introduction of a dedicated work permit for graduates who hold degrees from Finnish universities and boast a monthly income of at least EUR 1000. This work permit is valid for a two-year term and can be extended if the graduate secures a job offer or establishes a business in Finland. The application process, fee structure, and documentation requirements align closely with those of the Finnish Specialist Permit.

Benefits of the Enhanced Finland Immigration Program

These changes offer a multitude of benefits for both certified and non-certified employers, including:

  • Faster processing times for work permits for certified employers.
  • Priority processing for certification holders in cases of delays or postponements in work permit applications.
  • Simplified documentation requirements for certified employers.
  • Greater flexibility for international employees regarding passport validity.
  • A dedicated work permit pathway for Finnish university graduates, opening doors to employment opportunities and further contributions to the Finnish workforce.

The revised rules signify a significant step forward in enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of Finland’s work permit process, ultimately serving to strengthen the nation’s workforce and economy.

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