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Shah Rukh Khan to Receive Honors at Muscat International Film Festival


The eagerly awaited details of the eleventh session of the Muscat International Film Festival, scheduled from March 3 to 7, were disclosed today at the Omani Film Society headquarters in Muscat. Operating under the theme ‘Renewed Oman,’ the festival promises a celebration of global and local cinematic excellence.

Renowned personalities from the international and local film industry, including the iconic Shah Rukh Khan from India, will be honored during the 5-day event. The festival will host a range of competitions across various themes, featuring the International Feature Narrative Film Competition, International Feature Documentary Film Competition, Animation Film Competition, Omani Short Narrative Film Competition, and Omani Short Documentary Film Competition. A total of 23 prizes have been designated across these competition categories.

In addition to the screenings and awards, the festival will offer engaging accompanying events, such as seminars and workshops. These sessions aim to familiarize participants with the necessary procedures for obtaining filming licenses in the Sultanate, in collaboration with relevant authorities. Various courses related to cinematic work will also be conducted during the festival.

A highlight of the event is the “Festival Market,” serving as a hub for institutions, production companies, and artistic platforms. This unique space aims to foster collaboration and exchange experiences within the cinematic industry. It provides a platform for local and international entities in the government and private cinematic production sector to connect, share insights, and showcase promotional offers, contributing to the growth of cinematic production and artistic capabilities.

Film enthusiasts and industry professionals alike can anticipate an enriching and vibrant experience at the eleventh Muscat International Film Festival, where the magic of cinema converges with learning and networking opportunities.

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