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Sikh International Film Festival 2023: A Cinematic Tapestry Unveiled at the Rubin Museum


The Rubin Museum witnessed the vibrant celebration of Sikh heritage and cultural diversity during the Sikh International Film Festival 2023 on December 16. The festival, held at this esteemed venue, showcased an array of compelling narratives, with standout films taking center stage:

  • “Baywatana: Without a Country”: Directed by high school students from Boston, this film explores the challenges faced by Sikhs and Hindus during the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.
  • “American Sikh”: A poignant tale of an Indian American Sikh navigating life in the United States, produced by Oscar-winning Guneet Monga and filmmaker Vikas Khanna. The film reflects the aspirations of young viewers and resonates with their experiences.
  • “Colonel Kalsi: Beyond the Call”: A narrative chronicling the journey of Sikh individual Kamal Kalsi, who fought for the right to serve in the US Army while adhering to his religious beliefs.

The festival featured over 10 films, spanning contemporary issues to historical perspectives, captivating a full house at the Rubin Museum. Prominent figures, including Teji Bindra, Mandeep Sobti, Dr. Paul Johar, Harmeet Bharara, and Hansdip Bindra, praised the riveting films showcased.

Teji Bindra, Founder and President of the Sikh Art & Film Foundation, commended the caliber of films, emphasizing the foundation’s 17-year commitment to Sikh awareness through cinematic and artistic endeavors. Dr. Paul Johar highlighted the festival’s role in addressing Sikh Diaspora issues and celebrating Sikh heritage.

Amardeep Singh’s documentary, “Oneness in Diversity: Elixir of Guru Nanak and the Indic Saints,” was particularly lauded for intertwining narratives of Saints and Sufi mystics, emphasizing the timeless theme of unity amidst diversity.

Since its inception in 2004, the Sikh International Film Festival has been a beacon of cultural enlightenment, showcasing Sikh culture through cinematic and artistic expressions. As the 2023 edition concluded, organizers expressed gratitude to the audience for their unwavering support, marking another memorable chapter in the festival’s illustrious journey.

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