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South Kanara Muslim Welfare Association Elects New Leadership During 32nd Annual General Body Meeting

Suhaib Ahmed Takes the Helm as President for the Term 2024-2026


The South Kanara Muslim Welfare Association (SKMWA), an affiliate of the Indian Cultural Centre under the Embassy of India, Qatar, recently convened its 32nd Annual General Body Meeting, marking a pivotal moment in the organization’s trajectory. The gathering saw the election of Suhaib Ahmed as the new President for the term 2024-2026, among several other significant decisions.

The event commenced with the resonant recitation of the Holy Qur’an by Moiz Imran, setting a solemn tone for the proceedings. Abdul Razak Puttur, the outgoing President, presided over the function and delivered a succinct overview of the committee’s activities throughout the years 2022 and 2023. Kasim Udupi extended a warm welcome to all attendees, setting the stage for a collaborative and productive meeting.

Nasir Ullal and Mohammed Imran presented the annual and financial reports, respectively, shedding light on the organization’s accomplishments and financial standing. The outgoing leadership’s commitment and achievements provided a solid foundation for the incoming team.

Alongside President Suhaib Ahmed, several office bearers were unanimously elected to fulfill crucial roles within the organization. Rizwan Ahmed and Imran Ahmed Bava assumed the positions of Vice Presidents, while Rasheed Abdulhameed Kakinje took on the role of General Secretary. Anshar Ullala Thota and Abdul Rasheed Bc Road were appointed as Joint Secretaries. Mohammed Faisel Sheikh and Ahmed Shamsheer Mohammed were entrusted with the responsibilities of Treasurer and Joint Treasurer, respectively.

The SKMWA leadership team also includes Mohammed Shareef and Mohammed Imran Bantwal as Conveners, and Mahammad Mansoor Imthi and Shameer Mahin Ahmed as Sports Secretaries. Ameer Hamza, Imthiyaz Abdul Razak, Saleem Ullal, Elyas Muriyala, and Mohammed Condana were designated as Event Secretaries, while Abdul Ashiq, Ahmed Irfan, Mohammed Shameer Punjalkatte, Mahammad Noushik, and Hassan Nijamuddin will serve as Event Coordinators.

With a new President at the helm and a dedicated team in place, the South Kanara Muslim Welfare Association looks forward to continued growth, community engagement, and service during the upcoming term.

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