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SRK conquers Nepalese Box Office


Six months since its original theatrical release, “Pathaan,” directed by the talented Sidharth Anand, continues to rewrite the record books, transcending borders and achieving significant milestones across different Asian countries. The latest nation to bear witness to the film’s unparalleled success is India’s neighboring country, Nepal, where “Pathaan” has left an indelible mark, surpassing the lifetime collection of Hollywood blockbuster “Avatar 2.”

The magnitude of this achievement cannot be overstated, as overtaking a mega-budget Hollywood flick in ticket sales is no mean feat. With over 4 lakh 37 thousand tickets sold in Nepal, “Pathaan” has convincingly outperformed “Avatar 2,” which managed to sell 2.68 lakh tickets during its run, reports Box of India.

Top 6 Highest Grossing Bollywood films In Nepal in Nepali Rupee:

1) Pathaan- 13.28 Cr
2) Sultan- 13 Cr
3) Dangal- 12.2 Cr
4) PK- 11.3 Cr
5) Dhoom3- 9.1 Cr
6) Chennai Express- 8.1 Cr

This stunning figure highlights the massive popularity and wide-reaching appeal of Shah Rukh Khan’s action-packed avatar in “Pathaan.” The film’s gripping storyline and the superstar’s charismatic performance have struck a chord with audiences, both in India and beyond.

The success story of “Pathaan” doesn’t end there. In an incredible feat, the film has now secured the title of the highest-grossing Bollywood film in Nepal, measured in Nepali rupee. This achievement speaks volumes about the affection and admiration that Nepali audiences hold for Shah Rukh Khan and his contributions to Indian cinema.

As we take a glance at the top-grossing Bollywood films in Nepal, it is no surprise to find another entry starring the King of Bollywood himself, Shah Rukh Khan. The megastar’s films have managed to captivate audiences and make a lasting impact in the hearts of people across borders.

Top 6 Highest Grossing Bollywood Films in Nepal in Nepali Rupee:As Shah Rukh Khan’s “Pathaan” continues its triumphant run, the film’s success not only reinvigorates the actor’s career but also reinforces the global appeal of Bollywood cinema. With a charismatic star and compelling content, Bollywood continues to leave an indelible mark on international audiences, transcending borders and cultural boundaries.

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