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UAE Resident writes a book about his Hometown Amroha


In a compelling dive into the heart of history, culture, and resilience, UAE based Inam Abidi Amrohvi’s “Making of a Qasba: The Story of Amroha” illuminates the story of a small town nestled in Northern India. Serving as the inaugural comprehensive English account of the city, the book presents an insightful narrative that delves into the rich and vibrant heritage of Amroha.

Authored by Inam, a longstanding resident of Dubai (UAE) who manages a cloud-consultancy business, the book explores the tapestry of Amroha’s historical significance. Situated in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Amroha boasts a historical lineage dating back centuries, witnessing the tides of time—empires’ rise and fall and cultural exchanges. “Making of a Qasba” meticulously chronicles this journey, from the town’s ancient origins to its contemporary relevance.

Inam Abidi Amrohvi shares his perspective on the arduous journey of compiling this book, stating, “Writing the book was quite challenging; every new discovery meant changes in the narrative. After three years of research, I finally had the courage to wrap it all up. I wanted to do more, but it could have taken many more years since I’m a full-time cloud consultant.”

The book not only focuses on historical landmarks and pivotal events but also offers a collection of engaging anecdotes and personal narratives. Inam skillfully interweaves these stories into the broader historical context, imparting depth and authenticity to the narrative. “I wanted to write a short, succinct account, especially focusing on the younger audience. An account that can encapsulate all essential aspects of Amroha’s history without drowning in unnecessary details,” adds the author.

While the primary spotlight remains on Amroha, “Making of a Qasba” extends its themes and lessons to shed light on the significance of heritage preservation, the celebration of cultural diversity, and the art of embracing change without losing one’s identity. The book stands as essential reading for history enthusiasts, cultural explorers, and particularly the people of Amroha, offering a vivid window into their town’s past and present.

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