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World Cup 2022 – Neighbours India and Pakistan enter semi-finals

India and Pakistan have reached the tournament semi-finals, setting dates with England and New Zealand respectively.

With the miraculous turn of events for Pakistan, where they got shot for the semi-finals when Netherlands trounced South Africa, the toppers of Group B. Whenever South Africa needs to perform at a crucial stage, they choke, this exactly happened on Super Sunday, November 6th when to clashed with the Netherlands and lost the plot.

This gave an easy window for both Pakistan & Bangladesh for the semifinal berth. Both Pakistan & Bangladesh met later in the day, where Babar Azam’s team triumphed over Bangladesh and booked their seat in the semifinals for a match with New Zealand.

With South Africa’s loss, India became Group B top team and easily qualified for semifinals, they will meet England.

Many on social media are wishing for India – Pak finals, this would be the juiciest of the finals and the whole sub-continent and diaspora would stand still.

Even the clash between England-India and Pakistan-New Zealand would be watched by millions as there is a significant Indo-Pak Diaspora in the UK, New Zealand & Australia.

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