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Abdu Rozik, Set to Tie the Knot with Emirati Bride in July


Abdu Rozik, Set to Tie the Knot with Emirati Bride in July,Dubai-based Tajik internet sensation Abdu Rozik is preparing for a significant milestone — his wedding to an Emirati girl from Sharjah.

Rozik, who has amassed over 8.2 million followers on Instagram and has become a household name in Tajikistan.

He shared his excitement about his upcoming nuptials with Khaleej Times. “I cannot imagine anything more precious than this love. I cannot wait to start my new journey in life,” expressed Rozik.

The wedding, scheduled for July 7 at an undisclosed location in the UAE. It was confirmed by the International Fighting Championship Management (IFCM), Rozik’s management company. “Abdu Rozik is thrilled about it. We’re all delighted for him and wish the couple the best,” stated an IFCM spokesperson.

Rozik, aged 20, will be marrying Amira, his 19-year-old Emirati bride-to-be. He shared with KT how he first met Amira at Cipriani Dolci at Dubai Mall back in February.

“Everyday life is not easy for me, and finding love seemed an even harder challenge as there are so many obstacles. But Allhamdulillah, I’ve found Amira, and she loves me for who and what I am,” Rozik revealed.

While details of the celebrations remain confidential, IFCM disclosed that it’s a love marriage, and the couple recently got engaged.

His Journey from Tajikstan to Global Celebrity

Rozik’s journey from humble beginnings in the Bangkent region of Tajikistan, where he was born into a family of gardeners. To his current status as a celebrated influencer, is remarkable. Overcoming childhood rickets and starting with meager earnings of less than Dh2 a day by singing at a local bazaar, Rozik has risen to prominence.

His popularity soared with news of his mixed martial arts (MMA) fight with rival Hasbulla Magomedov. That video of their pre-fight press conference went viral. Rozik has also received the UAE Golden Visa and was crowned ‘Celebrity Influencer of the Year’.

Collaborating with luminaries like Grammy winner AR Rahman and renowned songwriter-producer RedOne. Rozik has firmly established himself in the international limelight. He has even ventured into the hospitality industry, launching the Habibi restaurant earlier this year, taking over the expansive former East 59th venue at Victoria Gate in Leeds.

As Rozik embarks on this new chapter in his life, his admirers eagerly anticipate glimpses of his joyous union with Amira, celebrating love and overcoming barriers, both physical and societal.

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