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Bazm-e-Urdu Qatar organized Iqbal seminar, literary symposium


Bazm-e-Urdu Qatar, the oldest literary organization in Qatar established in 1959, recently paid homage to Dr. Allama Iqbal (1877-1938), the renowned Urdu and Persian poet, thinker, and philosopher of the 19th century. The event, comprising a seminar followed by a Mushaira, was held at Mazza Hall, Old Airport, Qatar.

In the seminar’s first segment, two significant presentations were delivered. Syed Fayaz Bukhari Kamal, Bazm’s joint secretary and a poet, delved into his researched essay titled “Meaning and Utility of Iqbal’s Philosophy,” providing an insightful analysis of various dimensions of Iqbal’s philosophy, emphasizing his unique concept of the ‘Philosophy of Selfhood.’

Dr. Faisal Hanif, the Chairman of Bazm and a distinguished writer and literary critic, presented an essay titled “Iqbal: Poet or Thinker,” questioning whether Iqbal’s primary identity lies in poetry or philosophical thought.

The event was presided over by Dr. Khalil Ullah Shibli, Bazm’s patron, and chairperson of Pakistan Cultural Forum Qatar, with Muzaffar Nayab, president of the Halqa Adab-e-Islami Qatar, as the chief guest. The program commenced with recitation of verses from the Holy Quran followed by a welcome note by Iftekhar Raghib, Bazm’s general secretary, who also conducted the event.

The Mushaira, the program’s second segment, showcased a diverse array of poetic performances by distinguished poets, enriching the literary gathering.

Guest of honor Shamsuddin Rahimi and chief guest Muzaffar Nayab shared their reflections on the significance of the event. Dr. Khalil Ullah Shibli praised Bazm for its efforts and presented a poem on Dr. Allama Iqbal.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Iftekhar Raghib, with the presence of Bazm’s patrons and members contributing to its success.

Bazm’s patrons and members, including Afsar Asemi, Irshad Ahmed, Shamsuddin Rahimi, Feroz Khan, and Waseem Ahmed, were also present, contributing to the event’s success. Other notable guests included Abdul Rahman Nadeem, Mohammed Ashraf, Adeel Akbar, Asif Hussain, Qamar Alam, Zufiqar Ibrahim, Sobia Khan, Fauqia Yameen, Mohammed Anas Azeemi, Adil Iftekhar, Fazeel Ahmed.

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