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Big Ticket Abu Dhabi: Dubai resident wins Dh15 million with ticket bought on birthday


In a remarkable stroke of luck, Sakil Khan Sarwar Khan, an expatriate residing in Dubai and an engineering coordinator by profession, emerged victorious in this month’s Big Ticket Abu Dhabi draw, clinching an impressive prize of Dh15 million.

The windfall comes as a much-needed boon for Khan, who plans to utilize the substantial cash prize to alleviate his debts and embark on an entrepreneurial journey, according to a press statement issued by the organizing committee on Thursday.

There are four Indians on the winners’ list along with one Pakistani and two Bangladeshi nationals.

Khan’s association with the Big Ticket lottery dates back to 2015 when he and a group of friends began purchasing tickets as part of a collective effort. However, it was this particular draw that altered his fortunes significantly. The release elaborated that Khan’s intention is to distribute his winnings among 15 individuals, exemplifying his generous spirit.

Revealing his approach to selecting raffle ticket numbers, Khan shared, “I typically choose the numbers randomly. Yet, on this occasion, I acquired the tickets on my birthday and invested considerable thought into the numbers I picked.”

Notably, Khan expressed his intent to continue participating in the Big Ticket draws, indicating a continued belief in the possibility of favorable outcomes.

The Big Ticket Abu Dhabi, recognized for its substantial prizes and wide participation, continues to be a source of anticipation and excitement for participants, offering the prospect of life-changing rewards.

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