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British-Bengali Influencer’s Ramadan Planner Goes Viral


In the age of social media, the power of influence knows no bounds. British-Bangladeshi influencer Dina Aziz recently experienced this firsthand when her guide to Ramadan unexpectedly skyrocketed to viral success, garnering over a million downloads within a mere 24 hours.

Aziz, a 25-year-old modest fashion and lifestyle influencer based in London, first delved into sharing insights about Ramadan back in 2020. However, it was her meticulously crafted Ramadan planner that truly caught the attention of the online community. Packed with checklists, mindful prompts, fasting reflections, and a daily guide to Qur’anic prayers, Aziz’s planner has evolved into a comprehensive resource spanning over 200 pages. What started as a digital PDF has now transitioned into a forthcoming book titled “A Guide to Reflection and Growth During the Holy Month.”

As Ramadan approaches, Muslims worldwide engage in preparations akin to the anticipation and goal-setting that mark the start of a new year. Just as individuals set resolutions and intentions for personal development, planning for Ramadan involves thoughtful considerations, reflection, and the establishment of habits conducive to spiritual growth.

For the past three years, Aziz has been curating her Ramadan Planner to aid individuals in setting goals efficiently and reflecting on the significance of the month. The inspiration behind the planner stemmed from Aziz’s observations during her second year of university in 2019, when she witnessed a close friend’s struggles during Ramadan after converting to Islam. In response, Aziz created the first edition of her planner, initially shared within her circle but quickly gaining traction on social media platforms. The planner’s impact was profound, with around 1.5 million impressions on Twitter alone, highlighting its significance within the community.

Aziz’s Ramadan Planner aims to bridge the gap between those born into Islam and those new to the faith, providing comprehensive guidance and support throughout the holy month. Much like the New Year, Ramadan prompts Muslims to set meaningful goals for self-improvement, encompassing various aspects such as increased devotion to prayers, acts of charity, and personal character development.

Looking ahead, Aziz envisions expanding her planner series beyond Ramadan to include resources focused on the pilgrimages of Hajj and Umrah, supporting Muslims in fulfilling their sacred obligations. Beyond religious planners, Aziz also plans to develop general productivity planners catering to students, teachers, and professionals across various fields.

“Ramadan Planner: A Guide to Reflection and Growth During the Holy Month” by Dina Aziz is now available for purchase from all major platforms, including Waterstones, Amazon, bookshop.org, Sainsbury’s, and more. Published by Century, a division of Penguin Random House, the book offers invaluable insights and practical tools to enrich the Ramadan experience for individuals and families alike.

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