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Japanese Ambassador Announces Visa Ease for Indian Students


In a move aimed at fostering stronger ties between India and Japan, the Japanese Ambassador, Hiroshi F Suzuki, recently unveiled simplified visa procedures for Indian students aspiring to study in Japan. The ambassador revealed that Indian students can now obtain visas to Japan simply by presenting their student ID, streamlining the process significantly.

Speaking in a YouTube interview, Ambassador Suzuki emphasized the simplicity of the new visa regulations, highlighting that students need only to showcase their student ID to secure a student visa. This streamlined approach marks a significant departure from previous requirements, which often necessitated extensive documentation to confirm financial capability.

Under the new guidelines, Indian students who have graduated from universities in India will also benefit from relaxed visa requirements. Within three years of graduating, students can submit certificates of student status or graduation in lieu of financial documents when applying for single-entry visas for short-term stays, primarily for tourism purposes. This revision aims to facilitate smoother people-to-people exchanges between India and Japan, encouraging greater participation from young Indian visitors. Its details can be found here.

Encouraging Indian youth to explore opportunities in Japan, Ambassador Suzuki expressed his support for students seeking skill training and job opportunities in the country. He reiterated Japan’s commitment to strengthening bilateral relations with India, noting the increasing influx of Indian students and workers to Japan.

On a lighter note, Ambassador Suzuki shared his experience with Indian cuisine, describing it as both delicious and spicy. Acknowledging the cultural difference in taste, he humorously confessed to finding Indian food so spicy that it brought tears to his eyes, despite his fondness for its flavors.

The announcement of simplified visa procedures reflects Japan’s ongoing efforts to enhance educational and cultural exchanges with India, paving the way for increased collaboration and mutual understanding between the two nations.

As Indian students look forward to easier access to educational opportunities in Japan, the bilateral relationship between India and Japan is poised to strengthen further, fueled by a shared commitment to fostering youth engagement and cultural exchange.

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