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British Desi Women Writers feature Juniper Book Awards Longlist 2024


In a remarkable moment for the world of literature and diversity, two talented British-Desi women authors, Nazneen Ahmed Pathak and Hiba Noor Khan, are basking in the glory of having their books featured on the longlist for the prestigious Juniper Book Awards 2024. Their remarkable works, “City of Stolen Magic” and “Safiyyah’s War,” respectively, have captured the hearts of readers and critics alike, offering a fresh perspective on the world of literature aimed at young readers aged 10 and above.

British Desi Women Writers feature Juniper Book Awards Longlist 2024

The Juniper Book Awards, renowned for promoting reading for pleasure among young minds, have officially unveiled their longlist for 2024. This longlist includes six outstanding books, carefully selected to captivate and engage young readers. As we await the grand revelation of the shortlist on Monday, October 16th, the literary world is already buzzing with excitement.

“City of Stolen Magic” by Nazneen Ahmed Pathak takes readers on an enchanting journey through the bustling streets of a magical city where an unexpected hero, young and determined, sets out to retrieve stolen magic and save her home. Ahmed Pathak, known for her captivating storytelling, offers an immersive narrative that has garnered critical acclaim.

“Safiyyah’s War” by Hiba Noor Khan Safiyyah explores themes of courage, resilience, and the strength of the human spirit in the backdrop of war-torn lands. Safiyyah’s compelling storytelling has resonated with readers of all ages, showcasing the power of literature to inspire and educate.

The Juniper Book Awards is an annual event that encourages schools to participate in fostering a reading for pleasure community. With a starting sign-up fee of just £82, schools have the opportunity to engage their entire student body in book clubs, activities, and projects inspired by the six shortlisted books.

One of the participating schools, St Cedd’s School, shared their positive experience: “It has generated a buzz around the specific books, it has prompted discussion and encouraged other classes to take part in their own book chat sessions. It has been an entry point for Year 5 to get involved in a book group. It has supported pupils and teachers as reading role models.”

The Juniper Book Awards play a crucial role in encouraging young readers to explore new narratives, broaden their horizons, and develop a lifelong love for reading. The awards not only recognize outstanding literary talent but also promote diversity and inclusivity in children’s literature, making it a platform for authors from diverse backgrounds to shine.

The inclusion of Nazneen Ahmed Pathak and Hiba Noor Khan Safiyyah’s works on this year’s longlist not only reflects their remarkable talent but also highlights the growing diversity in British literature. As the literary world eagerly awaits the shortlist announcement, readers, educators, and book enthusiasts are encouraged to participate and experience the magic that great books can bring to young minds.

To learn more about the Juniper Book Awards and to sign up your school for this year’s event, please visit their official website. Don’t miss this opportunity to inspire a new generation of readers and foster a love for literature among the youth.

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