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Kuwait: EnerTech, NEDUET unveil new science and technology park


EnerTech, a Kuwaiti state-owned investor and developer in clean energy and sustainable infrastructure, and the NED University of Engineering and Technology (NEDUET) have unveiled the newly completed EnerTech-NED Science and Technology Park.

The fully integrated science and technology park, stemming from a robust government-to-government agreement between Kuwait and Pakistan, is poised to become a nexus for technology enthusiasts, visionary entrepreneurs, and multinational corporations.

The initiative will set the stage for a collaborative ecosystem that will invigorate innovation, research, and development within Pakistan’s promising technology sector, simultaneously acting as a catalyst for bolstering the country’s IT exports.

At the core of the park’s vision, dynamic entrepreneurship programs and pioneering incubation initiatives converge to foster the growth of emerging technology-driven enterprises, nurturing a thriving innovation ecosystem.

With focus on SMEs and regional start-ups, the park empowers these entities to not only conceptualize and expand their ventures but also effectively market technology-based products, services, and intellectual property.

By providing a robust platform for collaboration between local research institutions and private sector entities, the park bridges the chasm between theoretical research and practical commercial applications, enabling the translation of research outcomes into tangible real-world impact.

In addition, by cultivating both international and national partnerships, the park lays a solid groundwork for connections that not only stimulate local growth and economic diversification, but also extend their positive influence regionally and globally.

The inauguration event convened key dignitaries and stakeholders, including Abdullah Al-Mutairi, Chief Executive of EnerTech Holding Company, Sindh Energy Minister Imtiaz Shaikh, Yasser Malik, CEO Enertech Pakistan and Sarosh Hashmat Lodhi, Vice Chancellor of NED University, along with Consul Generals from Sri Lanka, Turkey, and a delegation from China, underscoring the significant regional importance of this collaboration.

Abdullah Al Mutairi, CEO of EnerTech, said, “With great pride, we unveil the EnerTech-NED Science and Technology Park, a collaborative endeavor in partnership with NED University. Positioned to be the premier national technology hub, EnerTech-NED Science and Technology Park will serve as the converging point for entrepreneurs and multinational corporations to ignite ideas, foster innovation, engage in collaboration, and redefine the frontiers of what’s possible. This visionary initiative is set to propel innovation-led economic growth in Pakistan and the broader region.”

“Beyond being a physical space, the park embodies the essence of progress and innovation, channeling the collective power of forward-thinking minds towards shaping a future that is both sustainable and technologically advanced. This undertaking also stands as a testament to the deepening ties between Kuwait and Pakistan, transcending geographical boundaries to unite their shared aspirations for mutual growth.”

Source: Trade Arabia

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