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British Indian Women Commemorate National Handloom Day in London with Spectacular Saree Walkathon


London streets were awash with vibrant hues as hundreds of women of Indian origin donned resplendent sarees to mark the celebration of National Handloom Day. The enchanting sight captured the attention of both local residents and tourists alike, with some even joining the procession as it paraded through the heart of London.

Bedizened in an array of colorful sarees sourced from various Indian states, the procession of Indian-origin women embarked on a spirited march through the thoroughfares of London to honor National Handloom Day on Sunday. Orchestrated by the British Women in Sarees group, the Saree Walkathon commenced its spirited journey at Trafalgar Square, meandering through the city’s bustling streets and culminating at the iconic Mahatma Gandhi statue nestled within the Parliament Square. Along the way, the procession made joyful pit stops for singing and dancing on Whitehall, adjacent to Downing Street.

Pioneered by the founder of British Women in Sarees, Dr. Deepti Jain, the event was purposefully designed to propel the promotion and endorsement of Indian handloom weavers. Dr. Jain emphasized that the march embodied a collective effort to raise awareness about the invaluable contributions of handloom weaves while ardently fostering their sustainability.

In a remarkable show of unity, more than 500 women hailing from diverse states of India congregated, attired in their distinctive regional handloom sarees, to partake in the procession that commenced at Trafalgar Square, traversed the renowned 10 Downing Street, and culminated in a triumphant assembly before the venerable Mahatma Gandhi Statue gracing the Parliament square.

A statement released by the organizers eloquently articulated the underlying purpose of the event, stating, “The event was meticulously orchestrated to illuminate the intricate tapestry of our handloom weaves, thereby showcasing the opulent cultural heritage not just of our states, but of our entire nation.”

The Saree Walkathon serves as an embodiment of the indomitable spirit of Indian heritage and craftsmanship, echoing its presence through the bustling streets of London, a vibrant testament to the harmonious confluence of traditions across borders.

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