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British music producer Kuljit Bhamra launches world’s first electronic tabla


Renowned British performer, composer and producer Kuljit Bhamra has unveiled the world’s first electronic tabla, revolutionizing Indian drumming for musicians worldwide. The launch event in Mumbai witnessed the presence of Anup Jalota, Ruhaan (Mahendra) Kapoor and other personalities from showbiz.

Kuljit, known for his contributions to bhangra and Brit-Asian music, as well as for his performances in prestigious productions like Bombay Dreams and Bend it like Beckham, has been awarded an M.B.E. (Member of the Order of the British Empire) for his remarkable services. Currently serving as Professor of Tabla, Indian Rhythms & Improvisation at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London, he is dedicated to making Indian drumming accessible to musicians from diverse backgrounds.

In collaboration with his company, Keda Music Products Pvt. Ltd., Kuljit has introduced Tabla Touch, the world’s first range of playable electronic tabla, along with a universal notation system for grading and assessment of tabla students. This innovation aims to eliminate the barriers of maintenance and tuning associated with traditional tablas, offering a lighter, more versatile alternative.

Tabla Touch allows musicians and composers to explore the intricate sounds of the tabla effortlessly. Its adjustable tuning, lightweight design and compatibility with amplifiers, headphones, computers and MIDI modules make it a versatile instrument for modern music production and performance. The onboard sound banks include various Indian drums, enhancing its versatility further.

Kuljit envisions Tabla Touch as a modern gateway to the traditional world of Indian music, attracting musicians worldwide to embrace this beautiful instrument. He emphasizes the importance of adapting traditional instruments to contemporary sensibilities, citing the popularity of electric guitars and pianos as precedents.

Speaking about his vision, Kuljit expressed his excitement about the potential of Tabla Touch to bridge cultural divides and inspire new generations of musicians. He highlighted the need for innovation in music education, citing the success of his instructional books, web series and workshops in promoting tabla learning across diverse communities.

The unveiling of Tabla Touch marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Indian percussion instruments, promising a new era of creativity and accessibility in the global music landscape.

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