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Canadian Hindu Chamber of Commerce in B.C hosts ‘Unleashing Opportunities’ Event


The Westfield Country Club in Surrey was abuzz with energy and enthusiasm on Friday as more than 250 community members and guests gathered for the “Unleashing Opportunities: Canadian Hindu Chamber of Commerce B.C.” event. The evening, marked by insightful speeches, engaging discussions, and captivating cultural performances, highlighted the chamber’s commitment to fostering economic growth and cultural exchange within the community.

The event’s proceedings commenced with a warm and welcoming address by Sourav Bansal, setting the tone for an evening of unity and collaboration. The symbolic Diya lighting ceremony that followed, led by Jeffrey Armstrong and members of the B.C. event organizing committee, added a touch of tradition and spirituality to the gathering. Master of Ceremonies Nutan Thakur skillfully guided attendees through the program.

A notable highlight of the evening was the speech delivered by Naresh Chavda, President of the Canadian Hindu Chamber of Commerce. Chavda eloquently outlined the chamber’s mission and vision, underscoring the role of economic collaboration and cultural exchange in driving the prosperity of the community. His words resonated with the audience, emphasizing the significance of working together to achieve shared goals.

Kushagr Sharma, Vice President of the chamber, presented a comprehensive power-point showcasing the chamber’s historical journey and unveiled upcoming initiatives aimed at empowering businesses and entrepreneurs. The presentation highlighted the organization’s commitment to supporting its members in their pursuit of growth and success.

The event was graced by esteemed guests, including Surrey City Councillor Mike Bose, who emphasized the chamber’s vital role in supporting new immigrants and contributing to the economic growth of British Columbia. The presence of Surrey Councillor Linda Annis and Indian Consul Amitabh Ranjan further underscored the event’s significance and reach.

A special moment came when MP John Aldag conveyed greetings from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, praising the Canadian Hindu Chamber of Commerce as a “first one of its kind” initiative. Aldag lauded the chamber’s commendable efforts in driving economic growth while fostering multicultural collaboration, acknowledging the importance of such endeavors in a diverse society.

Jeffrey Armstrong, in his thought-provoking address, added a philosophical layer to the event by discussing ethical and dharmic business practices. His insights encouraged attendees to consider innovative and socially responsible business models as a means to contribute positively to society.

Aron Csaplaros of B’nai Brith Canada took the stage to extend warm congratulations to the chamber, expressing hope for future collaborations between the two organizations. The event reached its crescendo with Gnetahn Jehman’s musical performance titled “East Meets West,” a captivating showcase of the harmonious fusion of traditions.

In a night marked by camaraderie, insightful discourse, and artistic expression, the “Unleashing Opportunities” event by the Canadian Hindu Chamber of Commerce B.C. demonstrated the power of unity and collaboration within the community. As attendees left with newfound inspiration and connections, the event’s impact is sure to resonate for a long time to come.

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