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Qatar: Indian Resident Child Prodigy Breaks Speed Reading Records


Child Prodigy Breaks Speed Reading Records in Qatar. Four-year-old Indian resident Megna Musuwathee Manoj Yogi has achieved multiple world records for speed reading, capturing global attention. Her journey commenced during the 2019 Covid pandemic. Her parents, concerned about the lockdown’s impact, proactively engaged her by collecting flashcards. Recognizing her extraordinary reading abilities at the tender age of two, they recorded videos showcasing her speed-reading skills and forwarded them to prestigious record-keeping organizations.

Megna is a KG 2 student at Olive International School, Doha, Qatar

Setting New Records

Megna’s astounding achievements include shattering the Indian Book of Records speed-reading record. It was previously held by a six-year-old boy in the UAE. At the age of 4 years, 9 months, and 21 days, she marked an impressive 100 words in just 50.67 seconds, earning recognition on March 9, 2024. Shortly thereafter, she clinched another record by reading 75 words in an incredible 38 seconds, as acknowledged by the Worldwide Book of Records. Adding to her accolades, she received the prestigious Achiever Award from the Indian Book of Records for reading 600 words in a mere 13 minutes and 5.67 seconds.

Exceptional Abilities and Recognition

Megna’s exceptional abilities extend beyond her speed-reading prowess. Notably, she reads with an eloquent British-English accent. She exhibits a remarkable understanding of complex narratives, setting her apart from her peers. Her teachers at Olive International School commend her enthusiasm, leadership skills, and extensive knowledge. She has been nurtured by her parents’ unwavering dedication to her learning and development.

Inspiration and Future Prospects

As Qatar celebrates its International Book Fair, Megna’s extraordinary journey serves as a beacon of inspiration. It has emphasized the importance of nurturing young talents and fostering a love for reading among the youth. Her story underscores the potential for intellectual curiosity and achievement in the next generation. With initiatives aimed at cultivating knowledgeable and innovative minds, Qatar aims to follow in Megna’s remarkable footsteps, paving the way for a brighter future filled with intellectual vigor and exploration.

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