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Congressman Shri Thanedar Announces Establishment of a ‘Hindu Caucus’ within the US Congress


The inaugural Hindu American Summit took place at the US Capitol Hill on Wednesday. The event, organized by Americans4Hindus with the support of 20 other organizations, brought together influential leaders from the Hindu community across the nation. The primary objective of this summit was to foster an environment free from hatred, bigotry, and discrimination against Hinduism.

Dr. Romesh Japra, the Founder and Chairman of Americans4Hindus, emphasized the importance of the summit, stating, “The purpose of this caucus is not only to ensure that there is no hate against Hinduism but also to eliminate any form of bigotry or discrimination towards the Hindu religion.”

During the summit, Congressman Shri Thanedar, an Indian-American representing Michigan’s 13th District, shared his plans to establish a ‘Hindu Caucus’ within the US Congress. The envisioned caucus aims to unite like-minded lawmakers, working collectively to combat hate and bigotry against Hindus in the United States.

In his address at the summit, Congressman Thanedar highlighted the fundamental right of every individual to choose their religion and worship the deity of their choice, free from persecution, discrimination, and hate. The caucus intends to champion these principles and ensure their preservation.

This historic Hindu American Summit serves as a beacon of unity and equality, promoting understanding and respect for the Hindu community while striving for a more inclusive society.

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