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Exclusive People’s View: Two Indian-Origin Politicians Head Two Most Powerful Countries -Kamala Harris – VP USA & Rishi Sunak – PM UK 

Dr.Tausif Malik

The last two years have been great for people of Indian origin. Many global organizations or corporations are headed by Indian-origin CEOs and they impacted the business at national and international levels.

There have been heads of state (President & Prime Minister) of various countries Mauritius, Malaysia, Portugal, Singapore, Suriname, Mauritius, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, Fiji, Seychelles, & Ireland. 

But 2021 was a watershed moment when America elected its first female Vice President Kamala Harris. She was not only the first female Vice President but the first person of color and ‘Indian’ to achieve this.

Come 2022, Rishi Sunak was elected a leader of the Conservative Party, which paved the way for him to be Prime Minister of the UK. He is the youngest and the first Indian-origin Prime Minister of the UK.

Both leaders are children of the immigrants of India, their parents are highly educated and they inculcated the same in their children. 

But Rishi Sunak’s grandparents migrated from Gujranwala, Pakistan before Independence.

These two heads of state have an impressive backgrounds:

Kamala Harris – VP USA 


B.A.(1986 Political Science & Economics) Howard University

Juris Doctor (1989) – Hastings College


Attorney General of California from 2011 to 2017 

United States Senator – California from 2017 to 2021

Her career has been focused on Public service.

Rishi Sunak – PM UK 


Undergraduate (2001 -Philosophy, Politics, and Economics) Winchester College Oxford Oxford

MBA (2006) Stanford University in California as a Fulbright Scholar


Member of Parliament Conservative Richmond (Yorks) in October 2015

Chancellor of the Exchequer (2020–22)

He started his career Investment banker, then he got involved in Hedge Funds. 

We spoke with some individuals from India, the USA, the UK, Canada, Dubai, Singapore, and Australia and how they feel about Indian origin getting elected to the highest office, the impact on India-US-UK relations about business, politics, etc.


Rajesh Jain, MD Interior Profiles, Pune, manufacturer of Window Blinds & Fabric said that “It is a proud moment for us, I feel this would impact everyone, build relationships and business between India – UK”

Satish Nair, Founder Anshira Ventures, Export – Import company based out of Bengaluru said that “It’s a proud moment for Indians, as Rushi Sunak is an Indian origin and he is also the son-in-law of Bengaluru as he is married to Mr.Naryanmurthy Sir’s daughter. This would create a great opportunity for India – UK to further develop a relationship in terms of business, education, and culture”. 

Hishamuddin Kazi, Tech Entrepreneur said that “Great News, Proud Moment. Both these heads of state work for the betterment of their respective countries and work to foster and further develop economic relations with India. India is now the 5th largest economy – Proud Moment”.

Dr.Prakash Sharma, Pcombinator, Global Startup Ecosystem – Ambassador at International Startup Ecosystem said that “USA & UK have a very strong startup ecosystem. We hope the Indian Startup ecosystem will flourish more with opportunities for soft landing and venture scaling benefits”.

Yusuf Khan, Founder Magic Klean Laundry Hyderabad said that “Feels great, amazing achievement. Hope this brings more business and culturally opportunities for all the three countries”.


Razia Bint Shaikh Ibrahim, a senior citizen said that “We wish them luck and hope they do good for everyone. Great news for Non- Resident Indians and Indians”.

Rajshekar Reddy, IT Professional & Entrepreneur, said that “Proud Moment !!! Hope this helps in more cultural and business exchange”.

Rajinder Singh Mago, Community Outreach and Media coordinator, Sikh Religious Society said that “I am naturally elated and proud that someone with Indian heritage similar to me has reached the hitherto unimaginable heights like Kamala Harris as Vice President of the United States of America and Rishi Sunak as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. I am thrilled that it will positively change the perception about the capabilities of Indians abroad”.

Pushpender Singh Gill, Restauranter & Investor said that “Extremely happy to see Indians making a mark across the globe”.

Pravin Patel, Motel Owner said that “I’m proud, great feeling and happiness. Hope this results in more business opportunities”.

Madhvi Pawar, Homemaker said that “Parents can teach and tell their children if you study and work hard anything is achievable. Proud Moment !”


Neetu Jalali, Fashion designer & Owner Zafran Coutoure and Chef said that “Proud Moment for the Non-Resident Indians and Indians. I live in UK and India and I see tremendous business opportunities between UK & India. Both these countries can work together to create sustainable economic development”.

Bhavesh Joshi, an International student said that “Hope to see and meet PM Rishi Sunak. Awesome news. Wish he improves the economy”.

Mrs.M. Khan, Homemaker said that “Exciting moment. Hope things get better and the economy and prices stabilize. 

Mrs. Harpreet, Senior Citizen said that “I’m happy he is from Gujranwala, I’m also from Gujranwala”.

Balbir Singh, Taxi Driver said that “GreatNews! hope the political situation stabilizes and the Economy improves. Best wishes to our PM Rishi Sunak”. 

A. Shiraz, Legal & Financial Consultant said that “Congratulations to PM Rishi Sunak. Hope the economy and government stabilize and we all focus to improve the socio-economic conditions of fellow citizens”. 


Sanna Sheikh, Real Estate Consultant, Dubai said that ” We had Indian-origin CEOs heading global organizations but heading a country is a different game”. 

Rakesh Poduval, Director of Express Money, Dubai said that ” Living in Dubai, I have seen many Indians achieve success and super success, but it is really a proud moment for all Indians”


Zaheer Darbar, Music Producer, India & Qatar said that “I have traveled across the world and have always seen Indians hardworking and successful, but this is totally different two Indian origins heading USA & UK two superpowers”

Chirag Kapur, Management Consultant said “We are living in the age to see Indian diaspora contributing to the global economy and now two heads of state of US & UK are of Indian origin. Great news, Great feeling.”

Saudi Arabia 

Dr.Mirza Qudra Baig, Group IT Head Abulhasan Group & Executive Member of Indian Community in Jeddah said ” Fantastic, it is really a piece of great news for all Indians and Indian Diaspora. India diaspora rules the corporate world and now the US & UK”

Thomas PV, IT professional “Good to see fellow Indians making a mark on the global stage. The next generation can look forward to them as role models. I am proud of their achievements. There are other heads of state of Indian origin.”


Seema Iyer, Ikebana Artist said that “Extremely proud Moment for us, we also had Indian origin President of Singapore Late S. R. Nathan. Wherever Indians are they have always contributed back to their respective communities and countries”.

Dr. A. Khan, Academician said that “Singapore was the first country to elect an Indian origin President Late S. R. Nathan, and showed to the world ethnicity doesn’t matter talent matters. We are very happy to see Indian-origin diaspora heading companies & now two most powerful countries on the plane”. 

Indian American Dr.Tausif Malik, is the Founder, Publisher & Editor of the, GCCStartup.News & He is a social entrepreneur with a focus on Startup ecosystem & entrepreneurship.

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