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Virtual University Students Protest, twitter erupts with #vuresultnamanzoor

Thousands of students of the Virtual University of Pakistan were shocked to see their results posted on their student dashboards.

Many students facing hardships still pursued to study during the lockdown so they can seek a better future. They enrolled at Virtual University as it one of well known University, which provides online and hybrid university degree programs.

According to students, the University is strict in an academic format, but fails to support students when they need academic or administrative support.

The students got shocked to see their grades dropping drastically when compared to their previous semester, they approached their faculty and administration, the officials and faculty responded that their mid-term grades were not uploaded due to the flood situation. Many students shared this response with the media. The students said that if midterms exams and assignments were conducted by the University during the floods, then why not the grades. This approach has demotivated students and affected their academic and professional careers. Many students have failed due to this.

took to Twitter to protest against the controversial results announced by the country’s first online university.
The uproar comes after the spring 2022 semester results in which more than 90 percent of candidates were failed in all subjects.

Several students lamented the results, saying it happened due to an unannounced policy while others called on authorities to review and announce results reports the Daily Pakistan.

There are students of Pakistani origin studying from America, Europe, and the Middle East who said that they have three times more fees than the local students and they feel cheated.

NAM – student from North America said that she is a single mother who worked hard so she can pursue Ph.D. but as her grades have fallen. She faces an uphill task.

AA – A student from Gulf said that he was hoping to get a CGPA of 3.8 and wanted to inform his company about his final results for a promotion and to apply for a family visa. But seems difficult now.

ZK – A student from Europe said, that he always wanted to pursue Masters degree and make his father proud, but his CGPA has drastically fallen from 3.2 to 2.8. He said what will he show to his dad.

All the students want and request the University to add their midterm and assignment grades.

Twitter erupted with #vuresultnamanzoor hashtag, similar to #namanzoor to the political protest in Pakistan.
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