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Now, Foreigners can Marry Omani Citizens


Foreigners can marry Omani Citizens as per the landmark decision, by HH the Sultan of Oman, Haitham Bin Tariq, issued Royal Decree No. 23/2023. This decree permits Omani citizens to marry foreign nationals without requiring prior government authorization.

The new decree, with seven articles, replaces Royal Decree No. 58/93 and nullifies any subsequent regulations, according to the Oman News Agency.

Article 2 highlights the decree’s facilitation of cross-cultural unions while respecting Islamic Sharia, public order, and legal restrictions on certain public roles.

Furthermore, Article 4 validates marriage documentation issued by foreign authorities, provided they are authenticated by the Omani Foreign Ministry.

The announcement had elicited diverse reactions among Omanis, with some expressing reservations while others welcomed the change.

The Marital Process for Omani Citizens and Foreign Nationals:


Omani citizens and foreign nationals must mutually consent to marriage, in accordance with Omani law and cultural norms.


Gather necessary documents, including identification, proof of citizenship, and any required paperwork from foreign authorities.


Foreign-issued marriage documents must be authenticated by the Omani Foreign Ministry to be considered valid within the Sultanate.

Legal Compliance

Ensure compliance with Islamic Sharia principles and any additional legal requirements outlined in the decree.

Marriage or divorce registrations are logged in the civil register for both Omani nationals and foreign residents in the Sultanate.

If one party of the marriage or divorce is an Omani citizen. The event must be reported within thirty days from the date of occurrence.

The Ministry of Justice, represented by the notary public departments, shall issue the marriage certificates and divorce documents.

Notary public offices will forward marriage or divorce notifications, along with documents from both spouses, to the Directorate General of Civil Status.

Either party seeking to register a marriage or divorce after a prolonged period. They must must submit original marriage or divorce documents to the civil status section/department.


Once all necessary documentation is gathered and legal obligations are fulfilled, couples can move forward with wedding festivities in their chosen manner and customs.

    As Oman embraces this new era of marital freedom. It underscores the nation’s willingness to adapt to evolving social norms while preserving its cultural heritage and values.

    Ultimately, the decree affirms Oman’s commitment to fostering harmony and unity among its diverse population, paving the way for a more inclusive and tolerant society.

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