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“Gulabi Sadi” Makes History as First Marathi Song Played at New York Times Square


“Gulabi Sadi” Makes History as First Marathi Song Played at New York Times Square. Sanju Rathod, a singer known for his unwavering determination, is reaching the pinnacle of fame with his latest songs. His new tracks have captivated audiences in a short span of time, garnering widespread acclaim. One such song, “Gulabi Sadi,” has gone viral on social media platforms. The “Gulabi Sadi” song is the first Marathi song to be played at the New York Times Square.

Reflecting on his journey, Sanju Rathod expressed his astonishment at the success he’s achieved in the film industry as a singer. He never imagined such immense recognition when he embarked on this artistic endeavor. The overwhelming response to his songs fills him with gratitude and fuels his passion for creating more music. With millions of views already, the resonance of his songs at iconic locations like Times Square. This has amplified his happiness beyond words. He remains indebted to his fans whose love and support continue to inspire him. He has vowed to keep producing new and innovative music for them.

“Gulabi Sadi” Breaks Records on YouTube

“Gulabi Sadi” has not only taken over social media but has also set records on YouTube, amassing an impressive 100+ million views. Additionally, the song has made its mark on Spotify, surpassing 15 million streams. Its inclusion in globally acclaimed video compilations on YouTube and viral playlists on Spotify speaks volumes about its widespread popularity.

Sanju Rathod’s New Venture Post “Gulabi Sadi”

Following the resounding success of “Gulabi Sadi,” Sanju Rathod has ventured into new territories with his latest song. The music video features renowned actors like Nitish Chavan from “Lagir Zhal Ji” fame and dancer Vaishnavi Patil, bringing Rathod’s rap verses to life. Moreover, celebrity appearances by Hrithik Mani and Nimit Mani add to the allure of the song. Titled “Bride Tuzi Navari,” this track promises to be another hit from the repertoire of Sanju Rathod, presented by Big Hit Media.

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