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Gurudev Vasant Vijay Maharaj Honored by U.S. Congress


Gurudev Vasant Vijay Maharaj was honored by the U.S. Congress on April 9 for his dedicated efforts in promoting global peace, religious tolerance, and universal values. Congressman Raja Krishnamurthy presented the official recognition and appreciation statement to Gurudev Vasant Vijay Maharaj. This special ceremony was held in Washington D.C.

The presentation ceremony was attended by notable figures including Gurudev Vijay Vasant Maharaj himself, Nitin Vyas, the Global Public Relations Director of World Vegan Vision, Congressman Raja Krishnamurthy, Ashok Bhatt, former Chairman of Water Works California, and Sarva Laksha Das, President of the Radha Krishna Temple Kilmer Road, along with other esteemed guests.

Gurudev Vasant Vijay Maharaj’s unwavering commitment to fostering peace and understanding among diverse communities has earned him widespread acclaim. He has received admiration both in India and abroad. Through his teachings and initiatives, he has advocated for harmony, compassion, and spiritual enlightenment, transcending boundaries. He has inspired individuals of all backgrounds to come together in pursuit of a more peaceful world.

Congressman Raja Krishnamurthy commended Gurudev Vasant Vijay Maharaj for his significant contributions to humanity. He expressed gratitude for his tireless efforts in spreading messages of love, tolerance, and unity. The recognition serves as a testament to Gurudev Vasant Vijay Maharaj’s profound impact on society.

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