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Sadiq Khan: London Mayor Seeks Re-Election


Sadiq Khan, London Mayor seeks re-election is seeking a second term in office. Khan, a member of the Labour Party, has had a varied marked by notable achievements, challenges, and ambitious plans for the future.

The upcoming London mayoral election is scheduled for May 2, 2024, alongside the London Assembly and local council by-elections. This election marks a shift to the first-past-the-post system following the Elections Act 2022. Incumbent Mayor Sadiq Khan seeks re-election as the Labour candidate. Competing against him are Femy Amin (Animal Welfare Party), Count Binface (Count Binface for Mayor of London), Rob Blackie (Liberal Democrats), Natalie Campbell (Independent), Howard Cox (Reform UK), Amy Gallagher (Social Democratic Party), Zoe Garbutt (Green Party), Tarun Ghulati (Independent), Susan Hall (Conservative Party), Andreas Michli (Independent), Brian Rose (London Real Party), Nick Scanlon (Britain First).


Sadiq Khan, born in London to Pakistani immigrant parents, rose through the ranks of British politics before assuming the mayoral office in 2016. Prior to his mayoralty, Khan served as Member of Parliament for Tooting and held ministerial positions in the UK government.


Khan’s tenure as Mayor has seen several significant achievements. He has prioritized affordable housing, with a commitment to building more social and affordable homes to tackle London’s housing crisis. Khan has also championed initiatives to improve air quality and expand public transportation, including the introduction of the Hopper fare and the launch of the Night Tube service.

Challenges & Criticism

Despite his accomplishments, Khan has faced criticism on various fronts. London’s rising crime rates, particularly knife crime, have been a persistent challenge during his tenure, leading to scrutiny of his approach to policing and crime prevention. Additionally, delays and cost overruns in major infrastructure projects, such as Crossrail, have marred Khan’s record.

Current Election Manifesto

In his bid for re-election, Khan has outlined a comprehensive manifesto focused on addressing London’s pressing issues. He pledges to continue his efforts to increase affordable housing, invest in public transportation, and prioritize safety measures to combat crime. Khan also aims to tackle the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting businesses and revitalizing London’s economy.

Cost of Living Crisis

The escalating cost of living crisis is a primary concern for most voters, with soaring energy bills and inflation squeezing household budgets. In response, Khan proposes City Hall funding for a program providing free meals to every primary school pupil. The mayor’s office estimates this initiative, introduced last year, would benefit over 270,000 children in the capital and potentially save families around £1,000 per child over two years.

Crime Prevention

In his role as mayor and police and crime commissioner, Khan pledges to bolster the Metropolitan Police’s budget by £88 million if re-elected. This increase would mainly rely on council tax hikes and additional central government funding to enhance policing efforts across London.

‘Erasmus’ Scheme Revival

Khan aims to reintroduce a version of the EU’s Erasmus student exchange scheme lost post-Brexit, offering young people in London grants and support to study and work abroad. Discussions with leading philanthropists and funders are underway to restore mobility opportunities for youth severed by the UK’s departure from the Erasmus program.

Climate Change Measures

Khan’s flagship climate change initiative, the Ultra-low Emission Zone (ULEZ), faces scrutiny, especially after Labour’s loss in the Uxbridge by-election. Despite criticism, Khan remains committed to the ULEZ, vowing not to expand its scope or implement a pay-per-mile scheme. He pledges to maintain London’s 2030 net-zero target and accelerate the decarbonization of public transportation, particularly buses.

Job Creation and Economic Recovery

With London’s economy still rebounding from the COVID-19 pandemic and inflationary pressures, Khan unveils a growth plan to generate at least 150,000 high-quality jobs by 2028. Emphasizing opportunities in sectors like finance, retail, hospitality, health, life sciences, and fintech, Khan seeks to drive economic recovery and secure London’s future prosperity. Additionally, he advocates for an improved Brexit deal to safeguard the city’s economic interests.

As Londoners prepare to cast their votes, Sadiq Khan’s record as Mayor will be closely scrutinized. While he boasts notable achievements, including advancements in housing and transportation, he faces criticism for challenges such as crime and infrastructure delays. Khan’s election manifesto outlines his vision for the future of London, promising continued progress and addressing the city’s evolving needs.

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