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Historic Hindu Economic Summit Unites Vision and Prosperity


The Hindu Economic Forum of the UK (HEF-UK) achieved a significant milestone with its recent event, the “Hindu Economic Summit: Uniting Vision and Prosperity.” This landmark gathering took place on September 21, 2023, at the serene Anoopam Mission, Swaminarayan Temple in Denham. The summit served as a pivotal platform that brought together eminent thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals representing diverse sectors, aiming to ignite discussions and inspire the Hindu business community.

The event featured a lineup of distinguished keynote speakers whose insights enriched the summit’s discourse. Among the luminaries were Swami Vigyananand Ji, the Founder of the World Hindu Foundation, Pujya Sahebji, the Spiritual Head of Anoopam Mission, Subhash V Thakrar FCA FRSA, a revered Business Leader, and Past Chairman of the London Chamber of Commerce, and Manish Tiwari FRSA, the visionary Founder of Here and Now 365. These eminent personalities delved into a range of topics, including the profound interconnectedness of Dharma, Artha, and Rashtra, as well as the nuanced distinction between Dharma and religion. Their contributions underscored the summit’s core mission of promoting and empowering Hindu-owned businesses within the UK.

HEF-UK’s commitment to championing Hindu entrepreneurship and economic advancement was palpable throughout the event. An open invitation was extended to those interested in joining WHEF-UK, with an affordable annual membership fee of £100. This membership includes exclusive benefits such as access to four quarterly Summits, the privilege of connecting with the WHEF-UK members’ database, and entry into the Chanakya App—a valuable resource for engaging with Hindu businesses on a global scale.

The “Hindu Economic Summit: Uniting Vision and Prosperity” not only marked a historic milestone but also reinforced HEF-UK’s unwavering dedication to fostering growth, collaboration, and prosperity within the Hindu business community in the United Kingdom.

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