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Indian Australian Brothers Launch Australia’s First Indian Music Symphony Orchestra


In a groundbreaking endeavor that merges musical traditions from two diverse cultures, brothers Sagar and Suraj Nagaraj have proudly introduced the Australian Indian Orchestra (AIO), the nation’s inaugural symphony orchestra dedicated exclusively to performing Indian music. This innovative orchestra is poised to captivate audiences with its inaugural concert titled ‘Sydney to Mumbai: A Symphonic Journey to Incredible India,’ scheduled to enchant the audience at the prestigious Verbrugghen Hall in the Sydney Conservatorium of Music on August 13, 2023.

Harmonizing Cultures through Music

A fusion of melodies and harmonies, the concert promises to showcase a selection of Bollywood’s most beloved songs performed by the 60-piece symphony orchestra. The artistic direction and conducting of the orchestra rest in the hands of Suraj Nagaraj, while Sagar Nagaraj has been entrusted as the concertmaster. Sagar, a highly accomplished violinist, boasts a performance history with the Australian World Orchestra, while Suraj, serving as concertmaster for the Sydney Youth Orchestra and the Sydney Philharmonia Choirs, brings his mastery to the podium.

Bridging Musical Traditions

Sagar Nagaraj expressed his enthusiasm for this unique endeavor, sharing, “Writing the music scores for each of the Bollywood songs that will be performed for an Australian orchestra has been the biggest challenge and highlight for me in preparing for this unique concert. Bringing the two cultures together through music has been a dream for me and I can’t wait to see it all unfold on stage on 13 August.” In an interview with Australia Today, he reflected on the joy of uniting diverse musical genres into a symphonic masterpiece.

Unveiling a Symphony of Talent

The Australian Indian Orchestra is a collaborative effort featuring local Sydney musicians as well as emerging talents from the esteemed Sydney Conservatorium of Music and Sydney Youth Orchestras. This carefully curated ensemble, assembled by the Nagaraj brothers, will present a mesmerizing evening that melds the intricate threads of Indian music with the grandeur of a symphonic orchestra.

With their visionary creation, Sagar and Suraj Nagaraj stand on the precipice of redefining musical horizons, transcending borders through their harmonious fusion of cultures. The Australian Indian Orchestra’s debut concert promises to be a landmark event, underscoring the power of music to bridge divides and forge connections that resonate far beyond the stage.

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