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Indian Embassy to organize ‘Ramadan Blood Donation Drive’ in Muscat


According to, the press release issued on the occasion, the Embassy stated, “In India, community service is considered an integral part of the culture and ethos of the country. The embassy’s blood donation drive is a reflection of this spirit of service and compassion towards others. The event is open to all individuals, regardless of their nationality or religion, and everyone is encouraged to participate in large numbers.

“The holy month of Ramadan is a time of fasting, prayer, and reflection for Muslims around the world. During this period, there is often a shortage of blood supply at Oman’s blood bank. The blood donation drive, organized by the Embassy of India, is an important initiative to help address this shortage and save lives.

“The Indian community has always been committed to serving the community and promoting social welfare. The blood donation drive is just one example of their ongoing efforts to support the people of Oman and strengthen the bonds of friendship between India and Oman.

“The Embassy urges everyone to participate in this noble cause and donate blood generously. The drive will be held at the Embassy premises in Muscat and is expected to draw a large number of participants.”

Last year also the Indian Embassy in Oman, had conducted a Blood donation drive and Ambassador H.E. Amit Narang commended the overwhelming support received for from the Indian community in collecting a record number of blood units to support the work of blood banks in Oman. Ambassador Narang thanked Ministry of Health officials, doctors, nurses, and support staff in particular Dr. Zainab Al Araimi and Mr.Mohsin S. Al-Sharyani for their tremendous support in organizing the blood donation drive at Muscat. Ambassador conveyed his appreciation to organizations such as BEC, Lulu, L&T, Jindal Shadeed, BLS,Al Turki, Al Ansari, Kihimji Ramdas, NaranjeeHirjee& Al Nabha as well as members of Indian Social Club, Indian Schools, Sewa Muscat, Manav Seva International, Kerala Pravasi Association, NanmaKasargod, Ambedkar International Mission, Sahaj Yoga,&Maru Nattil Malayalee Association in Oman for their stellar support in making the drive a success.


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