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Indian Principals Visit Ibaraki Prefectural Tsuchiura First High School


Indian Principals Visit Ibaraki Prefectural Tsuchiura First High School. In a bid to foster international educational cooperation, Ibaraki Prefectural Tsuchiura First High School played host to a delegation of 30 principals from India on May 3, 2024. The visit, aimed at promoting cross-cultural understanding and sharing best practices in education, provided a platform for insightful discussions and fruitful exchanges.

Led by the Yogi よぎ – Yogendra Puranik, school principal, the Indian principals were given a comprehensive tour of the school’s facilities, offering them a firsthand glimpse into Japanese educational practices. Following the tour, the delegates were treated to a lecture delivered by the school principal, which delved into the nuances of education in both Japan and India. The discourse covered areas of mutual learning and potential collaboration, while also cautioning against pitfalls that should be avoided.

Engaging in a spirited exchange with the school’s faculty members further enriched the experience for the visiting delegation, fostering meaningful dialogue and facilitating the exchange of ideas. The delegates also had the opportunity to explore the school’s historic building, gaining insights into its rich heritage and cultural significance.

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However, the visit encountered a minor setback as the planned itinerary was disrupted by an extensive Q&A session, indicative of the keen interest and active participation of the Indian principals. Despite the delay, the visit concluded on a high note with a delectable lunch hosted at the esteemed Taj restaurant in Tsukuba, offering a taste of Japanese hospitality and cuisine.

Overall, the visit served as a testament to the importance of international educational exchange in nurturing global citizenship and fostering mutual understanding among educators worldwide.

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