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Journalist Shakil Salam Honored with Prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award


In a heartwarming tribute to his remarkable contributions to both journalism and community service, Shakil Salam, a revered figure in the realms of media and healthcare, was bestowed with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Burnley and Pendle Friends League (BPFL). The prestigious accolade was presented during the Pakistan Day Celebrations at the Ambulance Hall in Nelson.

Shakil’s journey in journalism commenced in the 1980s, where he laid the foundations of his illustrious career at BBC Radio Lancashire. His dedication and pursuit of excellence led him to further endeavors with the renowned Urdu newspaper, the Daily Jang. In subsequent years, Shakil ventured into television journalism, making significant contributions to channels like Ummah TV and Dunya Global TV. Presently, he crafts compelling community news reports in both Urdu and English for Samaa TV.

The Lifetime Achievement Award stands as a testament to Shakil’s tireless efforts, unyielding commitment, and exemplary journalism, particularly his reports catering to the diverse Lancashire audiences.

Mozaquir Ali, former Burnley councillor and Secretary of BPFL, commended Shakil, stating, “Shakil is a widely recognized and esteemed media personality in Lancashire. His presence and influence extend far beyond minority communities. With over two decades of dedicated service in both print and electronic media, he stands as one of the foremost media journalists. This recognition is well-deserved.”

The award ceremony, graced by esteemed dignitaries, including the Mayor of Pendle, Cllr Brian Newman, and Mayor of Burnley, Cllr Arif Khan, celebrated Shakil’s remarkable journey. Cllr Khan expressed his gratitude for the warm reception, stating, “The respect and honor I received were overwhelming. Surrounded by friends who have supported me throughout my tenure as a Councillor, I felt deeply moved.”

Cllr Newman echoed the sentiment, highlighting the camaraderie and admiration shared during the event. “The celebrations and reception were indeed a pleasure to attend. The respect and honor showcased by the BPFL were truly touching,” he said.

As the celebration concluded, Mozaquir Ali extended his best wishes to the Mayors of Burnley and Pendle. “We hope they embrace their mayoral roles wholeheartedly, representing their boroughs with pride,” he affirmed.

Shakil Salam’s journey, marked by journalistic excellence and unwavering dedication, continues to inspire and uplift both local communities and the broader field of media. His Lifetime Achievement Award serves as a reminder of the profound impact an individual can make when driven by a passion for storytelling and service.

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