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Marathi TV Talk-Show ‘TalKaleidoscope’ Premieres in Melbourne


Marathi TV Talk-Show ‘TalKaleidoscope’ Premieres in Melbourne. The Indian diaspora in Australia now has a dedicated TV talk-show, ‘TalKaleidoscope,’ founded by first-generation migrants Sameer Borkar and Akshaya Borkar. Airing every Friday at 6 pm on Channels 31 and 44. The show highlights success stories from the Indian community and promotes dialogue and cultural exchange.

Shane Dunlop, General Manager of Channel 31 Melbourne, emphasized the significance of the show. “Embracing non-English content on Australian TV channels 31 and 44 reflects our commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and cultural richness. By amplifying diverse voices, we aim to foster a more interconnected and understanding society.”

Sameer Borkar, founder of Borkars Media, which produces the program, expressed his pride: “The proudest moment for us is that our Marathi language show, TalKaleidoscope, has been accepted on Australian TV. This demonstrates an acceptance of non-English content on mainstream media. The support from the Victorian Government has given us great confidence to create more content that showcases Australia’s cultural diversity.”

‘TalKaleidoscope’ originally premiered on Borkars Media’s YouTube channel in 2023, releasing over 20 episodes. Now, a curated selection of 13 episodes is being broadcast on TV channels 31 and 44, allowing viewers across Australia to access this unique and enriching content.

The show aims to bridge cultural gaps and celebrate the rich heritage of the Marathi-speaking community, contributing to a more inclusive media landscape in Australia.

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