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Marvel star Mehwish Hayat launches new production company

Pink Llama Films is a company that aims to provide a platform for alternative narratives within western media. Its founder, Hayat, hopes to offer more opportunities for people from underrepresented communities to tell their own stories.

Hayat, who recently played Aisha in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series, Ms. Marvel, has witnessed the lack of diversity and representation in the entertainment industry firsthand.

Through Pink Llama Films, she and her team plan to collaborate with multiple award-winning organizations to create various projects that showcase the stories and perspectives of presently underrepresented communities.

Posting on the website she says: “As someone who has been a part of the entertainment industry for a number of years, I have seen firsthand the lack of diversity and representation in Western media.

“It’s become increasingly clear to me that if we want to see more authentic and nuanced portrayals of people from different cultures and backgrounds, we need to take matters into our own hands. “That’s why I decided to start Pink Llama Films. I believe that it’s important for us, as members of underrepresented communities, to tell our own stories and to shape the narrative about who we are and what we stand for.

“As a Muslim woman, I am particularly passionate about creating content that reflects the experiences and perspectives of people from Muslim-majority cultures. “I believe that it’s important for our voices to be heard and for our stories to be told in a world where they are often marginalised or misrepresented.

“I recently had the opportunity to play a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a character in the Ms Marvel series. “This experience was a game changer for me, it showed me the potential of what representation in the media can do for people who are underrepresented.” Hayat and her team are said to be joining forces with various award-winning organisations to develop a number of exciting projects, showcasing the stories and views of communities presently underrepresented.

The company’s goal is to provide a space for these communities to share their experiences, celebrate their identities, and have their voices heard within western media. By doing so, Pink Llama Films hopes to contribute to the greater conversation around representation and diversity in the entertainment industry, promoting inclusion and breaking down barriers for those who have historically been excluded.

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