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MES student secured Rashtriya Hindi Pratibha Samman award


MES student Master Syed Dawar Abbas from Class 10-E has secured the prestigious Rashtriya Hindi Pratibha Samman award. He clinched the gold medal and a cash prize of INR 7500 in the International Hindi Olympiad organized by Hindi Vikas Sansthan, New Delhi.

Among the 80 participants from MES Indian School, which boasts a legacy of 50 years, 12 students earned gold medals, while four others secured silver medals. Dr. Hameeda Kadar, the school’s Principal, commended the winners and praised them for their remarkable accomplishments.

The Rashtriya Hindi Pratibha Samman award recognizes exceptional proficiency in Hindi, honoring individuals for their talent and dedication.

Instituted by the Hindi Vikas Sansthan in New Delhi, this award aims to celebrate and honor those who exhibit remarkable skills in Hindi literature, language, and cultural preservation.

Recipients of this award often include students, educators, writers, and individuals who have made significant contributions to promoting Hindi language and culture on national and international platforms.

Winning the Rashtriya Hindi Pratibha Samman award is not only a testament to one’s linguistic prowess but also a recognition of their dedication to preserving and enriching the heritage of the Hindi language.

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