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New Indian Eatery ‘Thattu’ Earns Coveted Spot on NYT’s Top 50 List


In a significant development for the local Indian culinary scene in the United States, a recently established Indian Southwest Coastal cuisine restaurant has made it onto the prestigious New York Times (NYT) Top 50 List for the current year. Nestled in the heart of Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood, ‘Thattu’ has achieved a remarkable feat by securing a coveted spot in the third annual New York Times Restaurant list.

According to the New York Times, “This former food-hall stand, which offers a delectable array of dishes inspired by the coastal southwest region of Kerala in India, has found a more extensive venue for its vibrant and bold flavors, all thanks to the dedicated efforts of owners Margaret Pak and Vinod Kalathil.”

Having opened its doors earlier this year, ‘Thattu’ has swiftly captured the attention and taste buds of patrons with its homestyle Indian fare. Among its standout offerings, the restaurant is rapidly gaining popularity for its delectable coconut-infused curries, crispy fish fry, and refreshing yogurt rice.

This recognition by the New York Times not only underscores the exceptional culinary journey that ‘Thattu’ offers but also serves as a testament to the growing prominence of regional Indian eateries in the United States. With its delectable menu and unique flavors, ‘Thattu’ is undeniably a destination to watch in the realm of Indian cuisine on American shores.

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