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Pakistan poised to become region’s tech hub: Masood Khan


Pakistan poised to become South Asian region’s tech hub, Masood Khan. In a gathering of over thirty chief executive officers (CEOs) and founders of prominent tech startup companies owned by Pakistani-Americans.

Ambassador Masood Khan unveiled Pakistan’s trajectory to emerge as a tech hub in the South Asian region. Addressing the assembly, the envoy highlighted the unprecedented growth witnessed by Pakistan’s tech industry in recent years. He emphasized its burgeoning presence in the United States and other developed nations.

Rapid Growth and Global Recognition

The meeting was attended by companies such as, American Institute of Artificial Intelligence, and SnappRetail, underscored the significant strides made by Pakistani tech startups. Ambassador Khan lauded the robust support extended by leading US venture capitalists, enabling Pakistani entrepreneurs to carve a niche in the global market with their exemplary skills and innovations.

Pakistan’s Integration into the Global Tech Ecosystem

Ambassador Khan expressed confidence in the nation’s imminent ascent as the tech nucleus of the region. Aly Fahad, CEO and Founder of Paklaunch (PL), echoed this sentiment, elucidating the platform’s vision to propel Pakistan among the top 10 tech ecosystems globally by 2030. Fahad delineated Paklaunch’s multifaceted approach in fostering entrepreneurship and facilitating investment, illustrating its instrumental role in nurturing and showcasing Pakistani talent on the global stage.

Empowering Startups and Fostering Collaboration

With Paklaunch evolving into a sprawling community of 350,000 members. Fahad illuminated its remarkable journey in supporting 90 startups and securing over $90 million in funding. The participation of CEOs and founders from diverse companies provided a platform for shared experiences, fostering networking opportunities, and amplifying their collective impact.

Acknowledging Trailblazers and Facilitating Investment

Ambassador Khan lauded Paklaunch as a initiative driving entrepreneurial growth. Additionally, he outlined the pivotal role of the Special Investment Facilitation Council in bolstering foreign investment across key sectors such as IT, agriculture, energy, and extractive industries.

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